End Times

As we are approaching the end times many people are finding themselves angry with what is happening around the world.  I don’t think anger is a word that should describe what is happening unless it is Holy righteous anger.  People have become angry and offended at the election results and what is happening in Israel.  Yes, we want our economy to be stable, we pray and want peace in Israel, God knows we want that and He wants His people protected and we want a good and stable government to run our country.  However, we must make sure we are not taking in these offenses and the things that are happening and allowing them to stress us out.  We can’t allow them to consume us and overtake us. We must pray for our country, pray for our government and pray for our economy and most of all the peace of Israel.  We must realize we are in the end times.  We are in the final days and in the time we are living in we are going to experience these things.  In essence we need to embrace them because it means the end time harvest is here and Jesus is coming back for His bride.  Instead of complaining and taking offense, take some real action and get into prayer.  I see people knelt over on the floor, pounding the floor in some real serious warfare prayer.  Get up and get your life right!  Stop being complacent and passive and get out there and plow, seed, water and harvest those fields.  Bring in the people that need to know Jesus Christ.  Every day people are dying and going to hell, make sure it’s not someone you can show the love of God to and bring into the Kingdom.  The end is here…get busy for the sake of Jesus Christ!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 17, 2012.

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