Lying Spirits

Why do you believe the lie?  Why are you believing the lie in your mind?  The thoughts that are running around rampant?  What is in there so deep worth believing?  The enemy is lying to our minds daily and we are choosing to believe his lies instead of God’s truth.  The lies that there is medically something wrong with you, that no one will love you, that your spouse is commiting adultery, that you are fat and ugly, that you will never get that dream job, that you will never get out of poverty, that you are going to live with your depression and health ailments forever.  These are the lies and much more going around in our heads daily.  They are like a hamster wheel going around and around and we don’t know how to get off that hamster wheel.  When we try to jump off we get stuck in the spokes and it encircles us again.  There must be break through we tell ourselves and the magnetic pull gets stronger.  No matter how hard we try to control our thoughts we can’t.  Why can’t we?  What has such a stronghold on us that these thoughts capture us in an unhealthy way?  God’s word says that He sent His son Jesus to set the captive free.  Why don’t we live that word, breath that word and eat that word?  It is reality.  It is truth.  However, the truth is somehow someway in our past we have been defiled.  Defiled by demons, by humans, by our parents, by generational curses, by the words spoken over us.  We are trapped in captivity when we long for freedom.  We all have something we are trapped to…but why do we stay trapped when we know the end of the story in the book of Revelation we have victory and that victory is ours now, not just in the future but now.  So why do we stay trapped, because there is something in us that doesn’t believe, something that still needs to be healed, something that we need to still be set free from.  Christ came to set the captives free this I know.  Spend sometime today pressing in and discover why do I believe that lie more than I choose to believe the truth.  Do I not trust God?  Do I not know how to let go of the past? Do I not feel worthy of the freedom He has to offer me.  Do I not care about the thoughts I entertain.  Daily we get to choose…will you choose life or will you choose bondage?


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~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 19, 2012.

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