Exposing the root of rejection

Rejection!  We’ve all had it!  Whether it has been this big ugly root in our life or followed us in the quiet still small voice…rejection has plagued us all.  How do we expose this malady in our life!  By killing it!  By exposing it!  By not bowing down to it!  Rejection is a lie!  Simply a lie we choose to believe in our minds.  Our mind is a battlefield and the enemy taunts us continually with thoughts such as:

  • No one will ever love you.
  • See they are talking about you again.
  • Your spouse is cheating on you.
  • You will never get that promotion or new job.
  • You will never have enough money to pay your bills.
  • No man will find you good enough due to your past.
  • Drugs and alcohol are your friends, not people.

These are just some of the many lies we hear daily in our minds.  The enemy wants to torment us enough that we begin to believe the lie.  When we take hold of and believe the lies is when a strongman of deception and rejection come into our lives and the lies become a part of us; making it difficult to get ahead in life and walk out our freedom in victory.

In John 10:10 “The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy, and I (Jesus) have come to give life and give it in abundance.”  Believing the lies are not abundant living they are torment.  It makes us feel like a victim over and over again.  We feel unworthy, low, useless, unloved and unaccepted.

We need to forbid such thoughts from forming a stronghold in our mind.  We do this by speaking out loud into the spiritual atmosphere when this happens, “I forbid those thoughts in Jesus name.”  We must take our authority in Christ, the weapons that He has given us (the Word of God) and speak against our circumstances.

Rejection is tied closely to fear, people pleasing, abandonment, familiar spirits, generational curses, lying and deception.  We need to identify each of these demonic spirits and cast them out as such.  We need to expose the enemy and come against these tormenting spirits!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 11, 2012.

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