Break Free

Sometimes as ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ we get tired and weary.  We absolutely love what we do and we push hard to give it all we got!  We enjoying making others feel great about themselves and assisting them in dealing with their issues in order for them to reach their full potential in Christ.  However, unless we break free and take care of ourselves we will soon reach burn out.  Burn out one of the top reasons people leave their ministry prematurely.  We must avoid burn out; but how do we when the demands on us are so high?  By self control, knowing our limits, knowing what God requires of us and knowing what we require of ourselves.  We cannot allow people to put their self imposed pressure on ourselves and we can’t take it in.  Jesus went alone several times to be away with the Father.  We must separate!  We must know when we have reached our limits or we must know what are healthy boundaries and distances to create on a regular basis.  Ministry is stress!  Stress exhausts our emotions and our physical bodies.  We also press in and press for more in the name of Jesus but what mess do we leave in the wake.  What price is worth to pay for ministering to another?  If we are not in good health, good emotions and have a strong spiritual walk then we are not obeying what the word of God says.  As ministers, prophets, apostles, church leaders, pastors we need to even more go away and spend time with the Father so we can keep our eyes focused on Him.  So we can be ministered to by Him!  So we can be refreshed and refilled by His angels.  We can’t wait until we have gone overboard, are physically tired, worn out, or emotionally fatigued.  We need to be proactive in our personal walk with the Father, with our alone time so that we can be more effective for the Kingdom.  Take a personal inventory, evaluate your own walk, your own time with God, your emotions and see where you are.  Do you need to take a break, one day off, 24 hours of rest, a weekend away, a 7 day solitude period with the Lord.  What is He calling you to take?  Then be obedient and take the time away He is asking of you.   You won’t regret it!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 13, 2012.

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