Connecticut School Shooting

I am grieved at such a senseless crime that has taken place in Connecticut.  Words cannot express or comfort the first responders, crime scene investigators, families, staff and children at the school left to live through this and the community and numerous other people affected by this tragedy world wide.  I sit, pray and ponder what can I do as I ministry leader to make a situation like this any better?  There is nothing I can do to make this situation better; many lives have already been lost and thousands of people will suffer emotionally for the rest of their lives by this deep tragedy.  However, I believe we can take this tragedy and learn from it.  Many people pray for the government but how many pray daily for our schools, our children and cover them with the blood of Christ and claim no weapon formed against them will prosper.  They have taken prayer out of the schools but they cannot stop us from praying.  How many of you lay hands on your children daily as they go to school and pray protection over them?  So often we get caught up and wrapped up in praying for everything except our own families.  

As this tragedy continues to unfold and we are glued to the news media we have to be cautious of what we are taking in and how much news we are watching.  Take those feelings and that time and turn it into prayer for those families, community and first responders.  Put your focus on praying to lift these people up instead of getting overwhelmed with grief and burden bearing.  They need us right now, they need our prayers, love and support.

As I watch a senseless tragedy unfold I am reminded of as Christians what can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen again.  I think there are many things we can do.  1.Pray!  Be continually praying for our world, people, that Jesus would come back and be Lord over this nation.  2.  Invite people to church, reach out to people.  Don’t shy away. Don’t be afraid to witness and reach out to people.  So often people run from those who are heavily oppressed.  We need to run to them!  How many people were put in this man’s life to change and prevent what would have happened but didn’t?  How many people never reached out to this child of God who needed to feel the love of God.  3.  Seek your healing.  As we receive our inner healing and deliverance we will be better equipped to reach out to others and identify  the areas that they need ministry, acceptance and God’s love.  We can help change the world by changing ourselves.  I believe as we change ourselves people will be drawn to the light in us and want that same light and will be willing to go through the transforming power of God to receive that change.

So inspite of this tragedy we cannot change lets learn from it in order to prevent another one.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 15, 2012.

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