How to live victoriously through the holidays

The holidays and Christmas season can be a most difficult time of year for alot of people.  During the holidays we can be reminded of the death of a loved one, the lonliness that is present in our life, past traditions from families now passed or the recent dissension that caused you to be alone for this years holidays. What we need to remember is what is attacking us at this time of year are familiar spirits.  Familiar spirits attack us during the holidays, Christmas season and around our birthdays just to name a few different times and seasons of the year.  What we need to remember is that familiar spirits attack what is familiar to us.  Therefore, if we rise up and choose to live victoriously then these spirits have no choice but to bow at the name of Jesus.  As we choose to be happy, joyful, strong, persistant and persevere through what we consider to be the hard stuff we will live victoriously.  Feelings and emotions are often a choice of a response to a situation and how we react to that particular situation.  We can choose to be happy and joyful in our situation or we can choose to allow it to oppress us and depress us.  The Holidays don’t have to be a time of hurting.  When you are hurting find something to do to channel your feelings.  Get your mind off your situationand onto something uplifting; find someone to bless, get active and get busy. Don’t sit around thinking about your problems, pray about them and then get busy to get your negative thoughts and emotions off your problems.  The more we sit and think about them the more they will consume us.  Don’t focus on the negative, focus on what God did.  We have choices to make.  Which one’s will you make today.  The past is the past, we can’t get it back but we can prevent more time stolen and more lost minutes from happening.  Make a conscious decision to press forward today.  Give yourself an attitude adjustment and stay determiined to look ahead of your situation to the happiness and victory that is awaiting around the corner.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 24, 2012.

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