Victorious!  We are victorious!  How many times a day do you wish someone would shout that in your face?  We need to be reminded of our victory in Christ Jesus. The same Jesus who was raised from the dead lives in you!  He was victorious at the grave, and if He lives in you, you will be victorious in your situation.

In order to live in victory sometimes we have to get our eyes off our problems and onto the one who holds the keys to our victory.  We spend too much time sitting and thinking and rotting and stinking.  We need to get busy and get our minds in our Bibles in the word of God.  We need to focus on the One who purchased our freedom and gave us the victory.  We need to make a conscious decision daily to choose victory.

The battle is in our minds.  That is where all battles begin whether in another person which makes them verbally attack us or ourselves, the battle is in our mind.  Therefore if we can change the thoughts in our mind to positive with a glorious outcome and victory around the corner than we have won the battle before the fight has ever begun.  If our mind is full of victory than how can we even begin to feel defeat.

It is satan’s plot to wear out the saints and if he can get our mind tired than we will get weary in the battle.  We will feel defeated due to the constant running of our mind.  If he can get our mind tired is when we will get weary and fatigued.

We have a decision to make, everyday and we must choose who we will serve, the lies or the enemy in our mind or the victory we know that we have in Christ Jesus.  I choose victory!  Let’s choose victory.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 24, 2012.

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