Binding the Flesh Operating in the Spirit

I have really contemplated what it means to walk in the Spirit and not the flesh.  As human beings we have allowed ourselves most of our lives to get taken over by our natural knowledge and feelings.  We have been taught it is all about me, what I want and what I need.  That is why we purchase items at haste so as to satisfy our flesh.  We don’t often pray about what we really need or what is best or even what is God’s will; we simply act.  We want self satisfaction and gratification at any expense so as it comes quickly.  Self satisfaction is self focused and self oriented and the Bible teaches against this. We must learn to quicken our inner self and voice to the Spirit that lives within us.  When we act in flesh, we satisty our flesh and nothing else.  It doesn’t have lasting results and often creates further problems.  Acting in our flesh leads us to wrong decisions and often we hurt others in the process.


When we focus on getting the problem solved and fixing the situation or finding a solution as fast as we can we are not yielding to the Holy Spirit and the direction He wants and needs for us to go.  As we sit and listen and yield to the direction of the Spirit He can bring solutions beyond our comprehension.  He alone is the one that can make a way where there seems to be no way.  He knows our thoughts, our feelings and our needs.  He knows what is best for us.  So why don’t we sit and listen more often?  Why do we find a need to people please and act out to hurry and bring solutions that the Lord longs to bring.


I think many times we act in the flesh because we don’t trust God.  If we trusted God we would wait on His timing.  We would know His love can satisty us and we don’t have a need to purchases an object, grab a latte to soothe us down and comfort us, over eat unnecessarily to find comfort in food; or act out in a situation that was out of God’s timing.


Only God alone can satisfy; but in order for Him to satisfy we must trust Him.  Trust that we will hear from Him direction we need to go.  Trust that He will be our vindicator and rectify every situation.  Trust that He will provide all of our needs.  Trust that He holds the future in the palm of His hands.


Make a habit to yield to the Spirit.  To walk in the Spirit.  Not to satisfy your flesh!  Be slow to speak and quick to listen to the Holy Spirit.  Breathe in His breath His direction and when you do you will find He’s in love with you and His spirit resides in you and you are already walking with Him if you will just listen.



~ by Kathy DeGraw on February 21, 2013.

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