Our life is not our own, it belongs to HIM alone. This has been a consistant thought that my mind has been pondering and living over and over again in the past few weeks. It is not a negative statement that ponders through my mind, but a continual sacrifice to offer myself holy and acceptable to my Lord no matter what the cost. It is a statement of further purification and denial of self and of what we want, think or feel is important. Our life truly is not our own and the sooner we realize that the more effective we will be for Kingdom building. Realizing our life is not our own is a process of denying our flesh and what we would like to see happen, who we would like to communicate with, what we would like to eat, where we would like to go or how we would like to serve the Lord. I realized my life was not my own years ago when God called my husband to pastor a church. There were continual sacrifices to be made; things to cut out of my life. Now being in ministry for over 12 years I continue to be reminded daily our life is not our own. As I meditate on those thoughts I see that the Lord is doing a clean up in the body of Christ; a purification. God wants us to be pure, He needs us to be obedient and disciplined. He wants to know that we will allow no other idols, such as; friends, spouses, food, electronics, jobs, etc…before Him. He wants all of us, our attention, our commitment, our love. He is a jealous God and He wants to be first and we need to have Him be first. Our life is not our own. It doesn’t matter what we want and how we feel, what matters is that we put ourselves on the altar of sacrifice and say Lord I love you enough to give up anything, anyone, anyplace, anytime, anyjob, anyministry. I lay it all on the altar of your love; because your love, the fellowship with you, the commitment to you, the sacrifice to you, what you are asking me to do is worth it all.

So as you go forth and want to be all He wants you to be for the Kingdom, it will cost you, it will cost you everything…BUT IT IS WORTH IT ALL FOR THE SAKE OF THE CALL.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on May 17, 2013.

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