Watchman on the wall

Today did not go as expected as I sit at lunch with my Apostle thinking we are going to enjoy some casual conversation and catch up after being apart for 4 months.  His daughter kinda chuckled in amazement and disbelief as what she too thought was going to be a fun light hearted lunch turn into a prophetic revelation and conviction on my part.  As we were eating our lunch he started talking about Watchmen and what the Bible says about Watchmen.  However I felt like he had some inside information on what I had just studied the night before which was Ezekiel 33 on the Watchman.  I asked if he happened to pick up his daughters phone and read her text messages or if she told him what the text message said because the night before I texted her I was studying Ezekiel 33.

It was one of those nights that I said to God before I opened my Bible what do you want me to read and He replied, Ezekiel 33.  To be honest I was tired after 14 hours of traveling in a car and wanted to quickly read my Bible to get my time in and go to bed, but God had other plans.  As I read Ezekiel 33 I was getting some revelation and starting speaking to my team member Carolyn about it.  I thought there were good insights for her.  Therefore, I, for once, didn’t read further into it or even discern or consider it was for me.  This is quite unusual for me as I always read and press more into it, but like I said, I was tired.

As we sat in the restaurant my teams eyes bugged out of their sockets, their mouths dropped and they were trying to do anything but laugh out loud as my Apostle “read my mail” and started talking to me, in that convicting tone of voice, about Ezekiel 33 and the watchman I was to be. 

I have to admit I wasn’t quite sure I was liking everything I was hearing, in fact I felt quite uncomfortable, that is what conviction does to you, makes you uncomfortable.  However, inside I had a peace that I knew it was a word from God, I guess it could have been also that as my Apostle was talking in my right ear, God was dropping in discernment of verification from above.  You could say it was sensory overload as both my Heavenly Father and Spiritual Father were tag teaming together to send me a message…YOU ARE A WATCHMAN!

As my Apostle read me the scriptures, I would finish his sentences because like I said the night before the Lord had me study the watchmen, for another person, or so I thought.  As I finished quoting the scriptures the conviction kept setting deeper in.  I now had to discern what the Lord wanted me to do with it.

You see a watchman warns!  They warn the people of what they see, of the revelation and instruction the Father gives them, of impending danger, of impure people, of anything that could detour a person’s spiritual walk, cause them to walk in sin or submit to something they shouldn’t, just to name a few examples.

A watchman warns and it is a person’s job to respond and act.  Depending on if the person responds and depending on if the watchman warns depends on who is responsible for the outcome.

See if a watchman knows something that could, (hesitation here…as I feel once again the conviction come into my body.) harm a person, body of believers, etc. and does not tell them, then the responsibility for that outcome is on the watchman.  However, if the watchman tells the person or body of believers and the person doesn’t listen and take heed to the voice of the watchman the outcome is on the person and the watchman is found not guilty of the outcome.

As believers – watchman – a prophetic people and generation we are responsible to share what the Lord has revealed to us in order to save and rescue other people from impending doom and destruction.  The destruction I am speaking about here is our spiritual lives.  Every day our spiritual lives are at stake because of Jezebel controlling spirits activating through people in the church. 

Our spiritual lives are at stake because of false prophets, false teachers which the Bible says will rise up in the last days.  We must expose the prophets who are prophesying out of their soul instead of their spirit.  We must expose the churches who are masquerading in disguise and are really practicing witchcraft.  We must bring to light those who are walking in the darkness.  We must observe closely, listening intently and activate with love and conviction those who are sitting under Jezebel control and show them the ramifications of what that does in the spiritual realm.

We cannot sit idly by and be passive.  We must be God’s spokesman no matter how uncomfortable or unfamiliar it is.  If your friend knew something that could rescue you out of a dangerous situation would you want them to tell you?  Yes, you sure would!  That’s what we have to do as a watchman on the wall we have to expose satan’s playbook of tools and tactics that he uses people to play his game. 

Jesus came to set the captives free!  He is in the rescuing business and that means so are we!  We need to fear God more than we fear man!  We must bring an end to the kayos and destruction that is infiltrating our churches, ministries and lives.  These very things that cause people to walk away from the church, gather offense and allow the people causing havoc to get away with destructing habits. 

We tell someone no most of the time when we don’t like what they are doing or to stop.  What is the difference here?  We must put a stop to destructing behavior patterns and habits that infiltrate and deter our spiritual life.

What is God calling you to do?  What is He calling you to expose?  Who is He calling you to expose?  Men will give an account for every idle word.  We will give an account for the scripture we know and didn’t act on.  We will give an account for the spiritual lives we could have saved.  It is our job, our responsibility to expose the enemy, to rescue the people, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.



~ by Kathy DeGraw on July 10, 2013.

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