It’s all about HIM – King Jesus

It’s not about me – it’s all about HIM!!

I think we all need to get to the point in our life and ministry where it is not about us, but it is all about HIM!  It isn’t about growing our ministry or ministry at all.  It is about showing the love of God to each and every person we encounter.  It is not representing our ministry at all.  It is about representing and PRESENTING Jesus Christ.  Ministries and churches in general are very competitive.  Leaders are jealous when another person’s ministry has grown larger than their own, or when they get a big love offering check and are finally able to purchase that building.  Jesus never had a building and He managed to touch many person’s lives.  Instead as ministers we are more focused on keeping our sheep or should I say our tithe in our own house of the Lord than assisting another ministry or really investing in people.  We need to come to a realization it is not about me (us) yet all about HIM.  When will the church, ministries and leaders arise to this. 


We have stated we want to disciple people, but do we really?  Even if it is at the cost of our ministry not being highlighted for the moment?  We all want our ministry highlighted, brought into the light; but for the wrong reasons.  It is to say look at what I have done, look at what I have built.  What we have built is man made and will perish, what we truly need to be after isn’t even men’s souls.  That is a temporary solution and a get out of jail free card.  What we really need is the deliverance that Christ purchased for them; that is the only solution that will allow man to live in the freedom and fullness of God while here on earth.  That is what we should be aiming to present to people the love of God through the freedom of His Son.  Then and only then will people put aside their differences, their competition and jealous and truly work together to set the captives free and empower the people of this world.


We have said we want that double anointing, that Elisha anointing.  What if God is asking you to give the double away?  What if He is asking you to make someone greater than yourself?  Can you do it?  Can you make a person greater, more anointed, more skilled, more established than you?  Can you truly make a ministry, make a church grow when yours isn’t?  Can you invest more in them then yourself simply because that is what the Father is calling you to do? Can you give it all away in complete trust without any expectancy of anything ever given back in return?  Because in the end it is not about making your name known but exalting the name of Jesus Christ.  It is time we lay ourselves aside our agendas and focus on the Kings agenda, on His plans and purposes with complete trust not knowing what the future holds and saying it is okay, because I know everything will be okay.



~ by Kathy DeGraw on August 29, 2013.

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