This is prophetic insights and thoughts the Lord recently gave me on shame. 

It was interesting, the Lord always picks out the songs that I play, always. And I just use discernment, like, what do you want God? And two of these songs had the word shame in it. And when I was with the Lord this morning in my quiet time, the Lord started giving me revelation about the word shame. And I didn’t think it was for this meeting to be honest and then I looked at those songs and I said “okay Lord, there’s something that you want your people to know this morning.” 

And what the Lord was speaking to me in my quiet time, is that shame gets masked as so many things and we don’t think that we have shame in our life because it’s masked as something else. 

Shame comes upon us when people don’t believe in us. Shame comes upon us when our ideas have been squashed. Shame comes upon us when our anointing isn’t valued.  Shame comes upon us when we’re rejected. Shame comes upon us when were not walking in our destinies.  Shame comes upon us in so many different ways that we don’t even properly identity shame. 

Because you’ve been squashed down, your dreams haven’t been planted and taken root,  people have given you negative thoughts, ideas and concepts. And we do take that in, a lot of times you identify it as self-condemnation, unworthiness, insecurity. But when you think about those feelings it also brings like this sadness upon you and you feel shameful. You take that little nugget in as shame and we don’t properly identify it. Shame prevents us from really activating in our gifts because then we feel insecure. Is the next person gonna believe in us, what if I’m wrong. All those lying darts that go into our minds and triggers. 

You know it triggers our prophetic, oh, I can’t give that I might be wrong. See, that’s a shameful thought, you know, shame is that victim mentality. Shame, you know, appears on our face.  Shame we’ve always thought of is this thing that we’re not associated with. But shame triggers many emotions, many behavior patterns and many thoughts.

So what I challenge you with this morning, is to really allow the Holy Spirit to come into the deep roots of your life and identify where shame has manifested into your life that you have not seen it as shame. And allow the Holy Spirit to convict you, cleanse you and remove that shame out of your life.

It’s not something that’s always on the fore front; it’s not something we’re always thinking about it. But I believe as we allow the Holy Spirit the comforter to come in and reveal and be the God of revelation we’re going to find some areas in our life that need to be cleansed of shame so we can fully operate in the gifts the Lord has anointed us with.


~ by Kathy DeGraw on September 2, 2013.

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