A journey of faith and love

An array of emotions flood me.  God has been doing something in my life for these past few months.  It certainly has been a season of change, and BIG CHANGE – GREAT CHANGE is further coming.  Last year He asked me to take a step of faith and get in a vehicle for 11 days and travel south not knowing where I would minister or what city I would end up in.  The week before we left my assistant Carolyn had doubts about us going.  There was something imparted deep within me that I knew we must go.  A part of us didn’t know what a tour like this would look like, it made us hesitant.  A few days before, it was official, we were going on this 11 day journey…and then the calls started coming in.  I had a couple of ministry engagements for in which we would minister.  We had a friend prophesy over us that we were to go to LookoutMountain in Tennessee and blow the shofar over the states the mountain overlooks and God would open those states to us in the future.  Six short months later our first connection in North Carolina was opened and we traveled there to minister.  The connection in North Carolina and what has happened to that ministry has been a blessing to them.  They have since moved to Georgia and now sit under our overseer’s covering and assist him at his church.  This is one of many great testimonies of the trip.

This year God is calling us to stretch our faith even further and go to a region where there are no ministry connections, no appointments, no one to “hook up” with.  God is calling us to the East Coast for 8 days!  He is calling us to travel towards Virginia, West Virginia, North   Carolina and South Carolina and this time Carolyn has been the cheerleader saying, alright we are going, are you ready.  This time surprisingly I have been the one who is kicking and screaming in the flesh.  This has been a flesh stripping season for me and to follow it up with this flesh stripping trip would make perfect sense!

I mean when you think about it why would God call us to get in a van for 8 days not knowing where we were going, where we would minister, where we would end up.  Why us?  Why us is an answer I ask often and the answer I get is because we are willing to be obedient and go.  Yes, I will go.  The trip is a stretch of faith, more stripping of the flesh, stepping outside of our comfort zone, doing new things for the first time, going to an unknown land and talking to anyone He calls us to strike up a conversation with.  Who wouldn’t be a little freaked out by that?  I mean really!!!  Talk about crazy faith!!!  However, I do know 3 things…1) Last year we went on this journey and stopped at a Chick Fil A based on a word of knowledge, we picked who we were going to prophesy over and Pam and I picked the Chick Fil A manager.  She had been in prayer 10 hours the day before and needed a word from God.   That encounter was worth the entire 11 day trip and all the money spent on just that ONE PERSON!!!  2) If God is calling us to go and He is, He will provide all we need, He will make a way and He will increase our faith and give us divine appointments.  3)  As much as I am scared to go, I am more scared not to go.  I fear God.  I don’t want to disappoint Him.  I don’t want to be disobedient to Him.   I don’t want to miss blessing somebody and I am scared to miss the blessing God has for me in all this.  So as I am hesitant to what this trip will hold there is no way I will miss it…because I know my God is calling me to it!!!

Over the past week as I have prayed and taken this trip truly before the Father it is amazing the heart preparation that He has done for it!!!  He has reminded me again of the journey I was on before.  How He opened divine connections, exposed witchcraft in churches we visited, exposed the Jezebel leadership and freed people from controlling leadership, and much more.  Our God is a big God and I can only expect greater things for this upcoming trip!

He has given us revelation on gifts to give away, how to reach out to people financially and bless them with the love of God and how to simply share His love.  He has changed the name of our tour, from 2013 prophetic tour to God’s Love Tour and has given us a theme song just like He did last year.   This year’s song is Reach the World!  He is showing us scripture to have about His love, having us watch evangelist and outreach DVD’s in advance to prepare us.  We have been in the word, prayer and worship and He has called us to a 30 day pre-trip fast.  He has called us to start a prayer team specifically for this tour and to share our testimony of the entire journey on facebook.  Last year people saw the glory of the trip, however in order to be real to people and show them they can do this too I want to post the hesitancy, the concerns, the parts where I need to increase in my faith because I believe God can call all people to do something radically different and unique for Him.

He is teaching us this is a trip of radical obedience and that every step we need to be in prayer for the next direction, the next town, the next state, the next stop.  He has started that radical obedience now by giving us the specific dates to leave Nov 9-16 a Saturday to Saturday.  It makes no sense in the natural why wouldn’t we leave earlier to find a church to preach in by Sunday?  Why wouldn’t we stay later to preach at another church on Sunday while we are on the tour?  Every step, ever stop, has a purpose, has a timing, has a reason.

The more I pray into this trip the more my heart is prepared for this trip.  It is going to be a glorious trip and I am going to trust God every step of the way.  I am believing God for the best.  We are going to touch lives, but most of all it will be us who come back changed by what God is going to do with our faith and to people.  Join us in prayer on this journey.  Join our facebook page DeGraw Ministries Healing and Deliverance as we journey our tour.  Join us in faith as we trust the One who loves us so much He sent His one and only Son to be our Savior!  Join us as we reach the world for Jesus Christ!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on October 16, 2013.

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