God’s Love Tour – A flood of emotions!

Our upcoming tour…what I really think.
In 6 days we will launch what I consider the biggest tour yet in the history of our ministry.  Yeah!  WOW!!!  What can I say?  That I am scared, anxious, apprehensive, excited, filled with joy, hopeful, nervous, uncomfortable!!!  Who wouldn’t be???  At first the adrenaline rush of planning a tour, the obedience of our Father telling you to get in a car and drive to unknown locations, states, and cities for 8 days can sound like an adventure of a lifetime!!!  Who wouldn’t want to go???  When you tell people about it their first reaction is SIGN ME UP!!!  However, after the initial onset of excitement wears off there is the flood of questions, “Where am I going,” “How am I going to finance this?” “Who am I going to talk to?” “How many people are going to reject me or the Jesus in me with the message I will bring…to where…the streets, the stores, the parking lots, the sidewalks. “  Give me a pulpit and I am in my comfort zone.  People have arrived there to hear me speak.  They have come to the events early to get a front seat in hopes of getting a prophetic word.  Give me a street and I am vulnerable, away from the comfort of my nice podium that I can hide behind.  Give me a street and they lose respect and can say nasty things to my face.  I am sure they do that sometimes after they leave my services, but as least they say it to their friends in a car ride home and not to my face.  Now here on the street, approaching people with the love of Christ they will feel open to reject the gospel message and tell me to move on.  If that is what this week is about, getting rejected, then so be it!  If I have to be rejected 50 times over so I can get past the feeling of rejection than it will be worth every back turned against me.  You see they are not rejecting me, they are rejecting the Jesus in me and I can’t allow myself to feel rejected when our Father accepts us.  However, as the tour approaches these are the feelings that go through Carolyn’s and my own head.  Feelings of doubt…can we approach someone…what do we say, how do we say it, what if the words don’t come out right, what if they don’t want to listen. As we approach this tour God  is teaching us many things and the devil is throwing up resistance!  BUT WE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED BECAUSE DEFEAT IS NOT AN OPTION!!! 
So what do we do?  I know what I do, the only thing I know how to do…PRESS IN…PERSEVERE….GET IN GOD’S FACE AS MUCH AS I CAN…BE ON THE FLOOR…PROSTRATE….WITH HIM…CALLING OUT TO HIM…BEING DESPERATE FOR HIM…AND ALLOWING HIM TO LEAD ME. Yes, I am scared.  I am scared to go.  I am more scared not to go…Why???  Because I fear God and I KNOW God has called me to this tour…  I will not disappoint God.  I will not fail this mission.  WHY???  Because I know it will CHANGE my life.  I know I will come back and take all the boxes I have broken out of and break out of them here in Michigan.  I know God has a lesson to teach me.  I know God needs me to love more.  I know God’s love needs to be spread throughout the U.S.  God chose me!!!  He chose me to get in a van, drive to a unknown location and meet people I don’t even know.  God chose me to show someone how much He radically loves them that a team of women would drive hundreds; over a thousand miles just to let them know how radically God loves them.  Come on man; think about the magnitude of this!!!  How would you react to know some ladies got in a van and drove across the country just to deliver God’s message of love?  Last year we did just that and a lady had been in prayer for 10 hours the day before and needed to hear from God when we showed up and prophesied over her.  Her life was changed!  Our lives were changed. How can I say no this time? How can I fear when God has showed me He is in this thing?  HE IS ALL ABOUT THIS THING!  GOD IS FOR ME!!!  When God is for me, who can be against me?  The only thing against me is my own FLESH, my own SELF.  Being uncomfortable.  Well if we are living a comfortable life we aren’t truly living for the Lord.  We should always be stretched out of our comfort zone or we are not growing.  I want to EXPAND.  I want to GROW.  I want to LEARN.  I want to be a pilgrim on a journey.  I want to be all that God wants me to be.  It’s okay that I don’t know what tomorrow holds.  It’s okay that I don’t know what next week will hold.  BECAUSE I DO KNOW WHO IS IN TOMORROW AND NEXT WEEK.  I do know that God has plans to prosper me, not to harm me, to give me a future and a hope. I have taken a tour similar to this before.  However, this is a whole new level of faith.  I want to be real with you, so you know sometimes faith requires sacrifice and the sacrifice we are putting on the altar is our flesh.  But where there is sacrifice, where there is flesh, there is the power and fire of God.  He will burn up everything not of us, not of you, and will put His fire in you.  That’s what I want, fresh fire, a passion that can’t be quenched.  A love that cannot be contained.  So as we prepare for this tour and a flood of emotions come through our souls, I am going to remember something my apostle has told me many times, ‘DON’T ALLOW YOUR EMOTIONS TO RISE UP.’ I believe that goes in line with the scriptures which say, “Walk in the Spirit and do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.” So as we proceed forth this week, please be in prayer for us that God’s perfect and complete will for us and our lives and the one’s we are to touch manifests completely according to His Spirit.  Pray for strength, endurance, perseverance, hope, joy, patience, clarity, acceleration, and everything the Father wants us to have. Know that whatever our Father calls you to do He will be there for you.  All else must be cast aside.  He is worth it all. He is worth it all. God’s blessings to you on your adventure to advance the Kingdom of God!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 4, 2013.

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