God’s Love Tour-Heart Preparation

As God’s Love Tour draws near my heart is becoming more prepared for this journey of faith.  On Saturday, Nov. 9, 2013 Carolyn, my daughter Lauren (16) and myself will get in my van and drive for 8 days visiting 6 states.  We will be traveling to Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and Georgia.  For 8 days we will be stopping at restaurants, stores, streets, hotels, parking lots, wherever the Holy Spirit leads us.  We have one simple mission…SHARE THE LOVE OF THE FATHER.   We will be talking with people and simply letting them know God loves them; that we love them.  We have the van packed with gifts to give away and will be looking for opportunities to assist people financially in small ways.

I have experienced our Father’s hand in this trip months ago.  He has showed me to live this by faith and not by sight.  He has called us to go.  This trip is about bringing the love of God to people but it is also about us operating in the love of God.  As much as this trip is about people it is also about us.  The great thing about our Father is that you can pour out His love without it getting splashed back on you.

This is going to stretch our faith.  We have never done something like this before.  This is going to strip our flesh as we are confronted with having to approach people randomly on the street.  This is going to strip off those feelings of rejection and unhealthy emotions as we will be rejected from people not wanting to receive the message of Jesus Christ.  It will take us out of our comfort zone as we travel into unknown territories, prayerfully discerning every turn, every corner, every direction.  This will make us fully rely upon God.  We will need to be in strict obedience, radical dependence and complete discipline to our Father.

We are willing.  We are willing to go this journey.  We are willing to take this path and as this journey approaches us I see His hand, I see His heart preparation for us even more.  When I think of the spectrum of things, this sounds wild.  Three women getting in a van traveling across country to tell people one simple message…GOD LOVES THEM…  We are not scheduled to preach in churches or meet with ministry leaders. We are on God’s agenda of simply sharing the love of Christ in the streets.

I believe we will be the one’s coming back changed.  How can you take a trip like this and not be changed?  I was speaking to my husband this morning and I said, “Do you realize when I get back from this trip our lives could never again be the same?”  He said, “Yes.”  I had that very thought last week with my team, and with Carolyn, my team member attending.  We were actually talking about how our lives would never be the same and how our husband’s would adjust when they weren’t the one’s going on the trip with us.  But God went before me.  He already prepared my husband’s heart for the change that is coming back to Him.  God is in this thing!

God’s hand of protection was over us already.  As we prepared the van days in advance for the trip, which usually doesn’t happen.  God showed the mechanics an unknown repair.  As they went to fix it a plug would have come off any minute and all our radiator fluid would have leaked out.  God went before us to guard and protect us on His love journey!

Part of our journey has been financial.  How are we going to finance this trip?  We aren’t.  God is.  He is showing us He is going to finance it by unexpected money coming in from people we didn’t even ask for money for the trip.  The trip is certainly not paid for, we don’t know the expenses we will incur, but we do know we have a God that has all the finances in heaven.  He is wonderful!  He is our provider!

At the beginning of this journey this trip didn’t make sense.  I was kicking and screaming.  I usually embrace these things but I knew this was going to stretch me.  I still can’t say I am bursting at the seams to leave like I most often am…but I am ready.  I will go with an eager and open heart.  I will go with eager expectancy of what God will do.  Yes, there will be some uncomfortable times during the trip, it will be a faith stretching, flesh stripping journey…but I will embrace it, because out of it will come CHANGE and I am desperate for change.  I am desperate to be more like Jesus.  Self aside.  I just want Him.  That is what often holds us back from receiving the fullness of God, our self.  We don’t want our self or our flesh to be uncomfortable, but if we are not uncomfortable we are not growing and I want to grow, I want to know that I am being everything  our Father intends for me to be. As we continue towards this journey please be in prayer for us.  God loves you and so do I!



~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 6, 2013.

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