Fasting is fun and fills you with faith. This has been my saying throughout the years. I do believe fasting is fun, but I wasn’t always taught to fast. I had to be convicted to fast from the Father. No one taught me, I was led by the Holy Spirit. This year after teaching many people in the past how to fast I have created a facebook GROUP- FASTING is FUN and FILLS you with FAITH.

I wish I would have known when I first started some of the fasting in’s and out’s. What my body would experience and go through and what I could expect. If I knew the benefits of fasting I would have started years ago! It isn’t something the church teaches these days, but it is powerful!

First of all my body feels better when I fast. When you let go of those toxins you feel clean inside, you feel good inside! Even though there is a time we experience what is called “brain fog” while we are adjusting to the toxins going out of our body; the majority of the time of the fasting we will have clarity. We will be able to hear from the Lord more clearly, get accurate discernment and gain revelation and knowledge! Isn’t that worth fasting for??? Everyone longs to hear from the Father…fasting does just that!!!

And what about increasing your faith??? Yes, fasting done in obedience and with excitement increases your faith!!! I know many times when I minister I fast and the miracles and deliverances we experience is amazing. When we fast we remove our thinking and rely more on the Spirit. We should always rely more on the Spirit but the truth of the matter is we don’t as much as we should; therefore fasting increases our faith and I believe when we remove our flesh, our natural ability the supernatural takes over and we see more manifestations of the Spirit when we fast.

To be real not everyone has the excitement for fasting that I do. I am here to tell you IT WILL PRODUCE CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE!!! Can you embrace change? Do you want change??? I long for change! As much change as I have experienced I still want more!!! Yes I said more!!! I want more change!!! I pray you want more change!!!

If you are seeking to do a first fruits fast at the beginning of the year, an all church fast or a 21 day fast or any kind of fast in January and want support, a personal cheerleader, to learn more about fasting then I encourage you to join our fasting page…; so you too will think FASTING IS FUN AND FILLS YOU WITH FAITH!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 29, 2013.

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