Peseverance – Pressing in when you don’t feel like it!

As I sit here today feeling led to continue reading the book of Matthew I read chapter 24 which discusses the returning of Christ.  I can’t help but ponder why people don’t pursue Christ.  I am finding myself burdened for those who don’t have a desire to pursue the heart of God and it leaves me perplexed and deep in thought. 

I am not speaking about people who have no knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  I am pondering the many “Christians” who haven’t gone any further than salvation.  The Christians who are bound in their own bondage with no awareness of the bondage they are in.

I am burdened for the people who started the race strong in advancing the Kingdom of God and then somewhere along the way had something happen in their life or in the life of their ministry which made them back off, withdrawal and move away from God.  The Word instructs us we need to finish the race.  I believe we should come in and go out just as strong.  We need to persevere!  So often Christians get tired, weary and back off.  I think some of this comes from prophetic words not manifesting within a person’s timing and also the competition and jealousy when other people and ministries surpass their own ministry and expectation.

These reasons can leave a person feeling insecure, inadequate and in a tail spin heading away from ministry and Kingdom advancement instead of running to it.  As a result we see running from God, praylessness and a lack of ambition to bring real change to the world.

I ponder what makes a person once on fire for the Lord not persevere to the finish.  When we look at the days of Noah, they were partying, drinking and eating and marrying right up to the day the flood came.  They were doing secular things and not looking at the warning Noah had for them.  Today we could use this for a good analogy for the Kingdom.  We need to be doing the Kingdom work just as strong at the end as we did at the beginning, if not stronger.

The Kingdom of God is at hand.  Jesus is coming soon.  Everyday people are dying and going to hell.  They need us.  They need us to be strong.  What keeps us strong?  We stay strong by not giving up and not giving in.  When we give up or give in we are allowing the enemy to dominate in our lives.  We cannot allow that mentality.  We must no longer sit around.  We need to stand up and fight!  We need to move forward to our destiny.  We need to move forward into the things of God.

When you feel like you can’t go on, remember Jesus.  He moved forward toward a cross, toward a tree, toward a spot to be hung on for you and me.  He did it all.  Nothing can compare.  We should not despair.  We need to rise up and fight for the Kingdom.  Even if you feel like you are dead or in a grave, don’t leave yourself there.  Jesus didn’t.  You don’t deserve to be in a place of despair.  You have been given a place of victory. 

Jesus can put you back on the road.  If you will truly give it all to Him.  He will give you the drive, the ambition, the direction…He will give you the strength to get back on your feet again.  You have to press on and press in.  You have to work hard.  You have to move past yourself.  It takes work to go where Jesus wants you to go, but it is worth it.  It is worth the effort, Jesus is worth it all!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on January 2, 2014.

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