Fasting is fun and fills you with faith!

Fasting is fun and fills you with faith.  That is what I have always said!  I love to fast!  I love the intimacy with the Father I receive during that time, secluding myself into His presence and loving on Him!  I love to receive the deep truths of the Bible and how it comes alive in this time of fasting with deeper revelation of His word!  I have enjoyed fasting this season and digging out the deep truths by cross referencing the Dakes KJV bible with my NKJV spirit filled life bible and using the Complete Jewish translation of the Bible.  Fasting this season has been different, but wonderful.  What do you love about fasting?

I haven’t always fasted.  I actually wasn’t taught and had to discover the importance of it on my own.  Five years ago I did a First Fruits Fast for the first time!  I can tell you it CHANGED MY LIFE!  Every year since I do a first fruits fast and I now train others how to do one and the benefits and importance of it.  If you have never fasted I do have a teaching series on cd that helps you ease and transition into fasting!  For those of you who have enjoyed your first fruits fast don’t let it stop there!

Prayer and fasting should be our lifestyle!  We should fast many times throughout the year, weekly, daily, monthly!  All of it!  How you may ask?  Ask the Holy Spirit what fasting lifestyle He personally wants you to live by.  I live a fasted lifestyle and I know you can to!  Maybe it’s giving up meat, pop, caffeine or chocolate for the rest of your life?  Perhaps you will eat one less meal a day or start eating only what the Holy Spirit instructs you to eat.  Whatever it is you will draw into the Heavenly Father and will increase in your prayer time, the revelation of the Bible, communion with Him!  It’s all about Him and if we can eliminate some of the distractions from the world (in this case eating) we will grow closer to HIM!

As many of you are finishing up your fasting for this season I ask you to seek the Holy Spirit for direction on what is the next fast.  Yep!  That is right!!!  Don’t take a break!  Press in!  You deserve it and so does your Heavenly Father!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on January 20, 2014.

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