DETERMINATION!!! It’s a word I keep hearing over and over again in my Spirit. Determination to persevere! Determination to move forward in my calling. Determination to not give up. We all want to think we have determination; but when push comes to shove will we prevail? I am determined to fight for the cause of Jesus Christ. Our life is not our own; it belongs to the one on the throne.

Determination takes the I out of our lives and moves us out of the way. When we are persevering towards and through something often it is not something we always want. But we know in perseverance there is victory. Christ was victorious to the cross! We can be victorious in our everyday life.

So often we feel like giving up, throwing in the white towel and trying something new or different, something that we may think will be easier. But did Christ call us to live a life that was easier? No! He didn’t! He said, there would be tests, trails and tribulation. It is what we do during those times that will refine and define us.

In the Spirit I keep hearing the Father say, “How strong is your armor?” You see we need to be determined to press through, to move forward, to not allow the enemies darts to detour, distract or delay our assignment. I want strong armor! How about you? Do you desire strong armor? Do you want to stand faithful as the Father is knocking on your armor to discover how strong it is and know that the Father can’t dent your armor with his strong mighty right hand? I want to hear, “wow! Your armor is strong.”

We need to be determined and focused with our assignment the Father has given us. We need to keep our eyes focused on the prize. What is the prize? The prize is the number of lives that will be changed and filled with the love and fullness of God as a result of your obedience. The prize is not allowing the enemy to come in and throw you off course or to make you numb and insecure in working for the Kingdom.

There is much to be done for the Kingdom. Our Father needs us to do his work, his bidding. We need to be disciplined to stay determined and focused to accomplish the goal despite opposition. We have a target to hit, lives saved, filled with loved, healed, set free and delivered. Our Father is counting on us to help accomplish his goals. Will you be faithful and obedient? Stay determined! Stay focused! Allow His will to be accomplished on earth through you!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on April 25, 2014.

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