Is God on your wrestling mat or is He in the center of trust within your heart?  Do you wrestle with God showing Him that you think you know best?  Do you ponder in the early hours of the morning contemplating why me or more so why not me?  Do these countless thoughts run through your mind that you attempt to get rid of time and time again with no avail?  As I ponder once again, in the early morning some of the same thoughts go through my mind.  When we are so desperate to see a world be greatly impacted for Christ and His Kingdom we can get impatient.

Do you ask yourself where is God and why can’t you hear Him?  Have you pursued Him recently for Him or just when you want answers to specific questions?  Do you throw God on the mat and wrestle with Him for what He is calling you to do in this season; thinking it is not significant enough; not impactful enough for the Kingdom?  The truth is no matter what we do for the Lord it can never be enough; we can never be satisfied while teenagers are still cutting themselves, while witches are still casting spells, while parents are abandoning their homes and leaving their spouses for the pleasure of the world, while infertile couples long to hold a baby in their hands and while people are dying and going to hell every day.

What we do is never enough.  The sold out unique for Christ radical Christians must have more; but in the waiting we must learn to be content and trust in God.  The thoughts of have we prayed hard enough, long enough, combatted the deploys of the enemy against our destiny run through our minds.  We long to reach the world for Christ.  It isn’t happening fast enough when you know time is short, when you are seeing signs and wonders in the heavens and know Jesus is coming soon.

We must be doing more, reaching more, exploring more of this world for pockets of people that have yet come to know Christ.  We must be part of a greater impact for reaching the Kingdom for Christ!

But God knows!  He knows He is on your wrestling mat, but you want to wrestle with God because you want to control what your future holds.  Because you haven’t totally surrendered to God.  What if He knows the best way you can impact those people for Christ.  You want to do this….(whatever it is you want to do), but what if God wants you to do this??? (The very thing you are wrestling against him)….What if God said, “This is your destiny….(to do this????)….The thing you don’t really want to do or the thing that was not in your dreams; your plans…but what if it could reach even more people for Christ?  Could you surrender your will for His??? Could you stop wrestling with God for a moment and sacrifice yourself on that mat?

Could you allow God to pin you to that wrestling mat and could you allow Him to have the final countdown?  Allowing God to do that takes submitting your natural flesh and your soul.  You have to put your body, mind and soul in a state of submission to the Father.  It isn’t easy, but we must get to that breaking point of being totally submitted and surrendered to Him.  We must truly cry out as Jesus did in the garden, ‘NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE.’

How do you be content with where you are knowing that so many people need the Jesus you have come to know and love so dearly?  By knowing you are in a planning process of God and while you are waiting for that dream to manifest you are being created in the image of the Master Potter’s hands.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on May 12, 2014.

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