There is deliverance from things of the unknown!



What I am currently learning even as a strong spirit filled Christian is that there is still so much holding us back from our full potential in Christ. We are in bondages we don’t even know we are in bondage to.

We have dormant spirits and slumbering spirits that need to be awakened in us and kicked out.

Even though they are dormant and slumbering they are effecting out lives, ruining our destinies, keeping us in bondage, holding us back from our full potential. I still find stuff in me that needs to be dealt with. If we are saying we don’t have any of those we are living with our spiritual eyes blinded to the spiritual world.


I cannot properly convey how much the Lord has been showing us on slumbering and dormant spirits. All of a sudden you are going along fine and 1 or 2 or more pop up and show up. The closer we get to the Holy Spirit the more he has to purge us of these spirits. I don’t know everything there is about them, why they pop up, how all of a sudden they are awakened and we are dealing with them. But I know from life experience and what we are seeing in the spiritual realm and through our clients and our ream that this is real.


Think about it for yourself. You are living in victory, walking a great walk with the Lord and then you are dealing with an issue you thought you already dealt with or had victory over. Obviously, when you dealt with the issue, behavior pattern or habit you didn’t cast the spirit out attached to it. So now years later you are dealing with the same issue.


Perhaps you can’t get complete victory in an area of your life. Then go deeper, dig deeper, into your spiritual roots into your past and into your parents past, generational curses and soul ties.


Perhaps you were in denial to a sexual abuse, you shoved the memory of a rape down or abortion and forgot about it and totally don’t even remember that it happened because you blocked it out.

This is the kind of stuff we deal with. It’s easier for people to forget than deal with it but it still has demonic spirits attached to it,.


What about those of you that say you have no pride? You sit and say you don’t, convince yourself you don’t, can’t believe you would – isn’t that pride itself? What about those of you who don’t want to ask for help or assistance, who feel someone else has pride, did you ever self examine you? Perhaps it’s  not intentional but from an area of your life where you did act in pride, you tried to do your best to not do it anymore and found one day that perhaps you were or are still denying it. Most people acting in pride deny it because of the spirit not them. Ask me if you have pride. I’ll tell you. Pride is as easy to discern on a person as lust.

There are many things in us holding us back from the fullness of God that we don’t even know about.  Over the course of my christian walk as the Holy Spirit reveals these things I become a better person for the Kingdom of God.  Things I didn’t even know I had once delivered brought much joy and freedom.  Where do you think, suspect you need freedom?  Have you had an inkling something happened to you in the past but no facts to back it up?  Seek the Holy Spirit for guidance and consider registering for our inner healing and/or deliverance school which can be taken online and from the privacy of your home.  I will walk you through the healing process through this course which will also educate you how to minister in the same area.

Visit our website for course information and seek the Lord for your deliverance, freedom and joy.



~ by Kathy DeGraw on May 16, 2014.

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