Root out the Doubt

Doubt – When doubt comes in we need faith!  However, many of us walk in doubt.  Not because we choose to, but because it has become a way of life for us.  In fact, many of us have been raised in doubt and pessimistic attitudes by our parents.  You see doubt can be another generational curse or a lazy man’s disease.  What do I mean by a lazy man’s disease?  It is easier to doubt and not believe, than to push through and fight, because fighting takes effort.  The Kingdom of God takes effort.  We need to raise our expectations and believe for what God has done for us in the past.

We go through cycles where we have the faith of a giant. We get tired and weak.  We succumb to the attacks of the evil one.  We start to believe his lies that it hasn’t happened for us and then we walk in that darkness instead of the truth of God’s light.  His light, His truth is to give us the desires of our heart.  So then what makes us stop believing?  It can also be the doubt of others around us, it can be betrayal in the church, and weariness in the fight and battle. 

We need to surround ourselves with crazy faith friends like the buddy in the Bible who his friends lowered him through the roof.  What radical faith!  They weren’t lazy.  Who are your crazy faith friends?  Who are you shield bearers, like Goliath who is going to go ahead of the fight and take the blows for you?  Who is your cross bearer?  Who is going to make you keep fighting for the plans and purposes of God when you feel like quitting and giving up?  We all get tired and weary in the battle, but we gotta have faith.  The doubt in our lives needs to be removed so faith can be built up to conquer anything we will endure for the sake of the Gospel.

Repent of doubt and unbelief. Break agreement with it today and allow God to lift you up to that place of faith!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on June 2, 2014.

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