Reflecting on that place of Rest with Him

Last night I went to the beach.  Our daughter, Lauren in her spontaneity said, “I want to go to the beach.” I immediately thought it sounded like a good idea.  Even though I was tired, I wanted to go to the Lake.  One of the benefits in living in the state of Michigan is the great Lakes.  We got in our van and in a short 45 minute drive we were at the beach.

One breath of the fresh air, the beach air, and what I really breathed in was the breath of God.  I felt His peace, His overwhelming peace just flood me.  I immediately entered into a place of rest with our Heavenly Father.  How I love and long for the rest of His presence.   We long for the rest of His presence, but we seldom go there as often as we should.  The fact is we belong there.  We belong in the rest of His presence and not the hustle and bustle of this world.  I want to get back in His presence as often as I can.

As I walked the pier and reflected and meditated on the things of God with Sean Feaucht playing in my iPod in my ear, I felt so refreshed.  I felt like I belonged.  I do belong. I belong in His presence.

I was reading a book recently and the person said, they want to be so in touch with God and long to be in His presence so much, that they want to feel more in touch with God, than man.  I thought, even though it is good to be with man, I too want to feel like that.  I remember a time when I did.  I think some of us remember that time when we lived a slower pace in the presence of God.

I want to long for God more than anything else, to lay in His presence, to bask my love on Him.  I could have seriously laid prostrate right there on the pier, on the hard cement if it wasn’t for the fact I may have gotten stepped on.

I want to be more connected with our Heavenly Father than a best friend, spouse or children.  I want to be in tune with him, captured and connected spirit to spirit.  I long to be with Him.

As I continued to gaze upon the peaceful waters I realized I needed more moments of peace, reflecting over the waters watching the sun beam down and glisten against the waters.  I needed the peace of hearing the waves crashing against the shore.  I needed more moments along with my Savior to bask in His love, rest in His presence and be with Him; the One who loves me so much He came to be my Savior!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on June 6, 2014.

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