Generational Curses are Severe

An excerpt from my book TIME TO SET THE CAPTIVES FREE

As a body of believers we have been too complacent and not informed enough of the severity of generational curses.  I have been around many spirit filled tongue talking Christians who operate in a healing anointing, working and ministering in healing ministries that are trying to take their authority over these curses and the people are not experiencing true freedom in Christ.  How do I know?  Because these are the very people that have been sent into my ministry.  People who truly can’t get free, whose demons are following them.  People who are crying out to me how desperate they are to be free of how their parents created them to be or raised them.  We ask people coming into our ministry if they have ever received deliverance prayer before and over half of them say yes.  When I ask about getting prayer for generational curses I find myself getting the same response.  Yes, they were broken and then I proceed to ask if they are free. I ask if they are still fighting the same demons and they are, and not only them, but their children.  It excites me so much when I can deliver both a father and mother and then they bring their children in for deliverance.  Nothing brings me greater joy than to start a new family line for people free of generational curses and filled with blessings!  Glory to God!


In order to break ourselves from the generational curses that plague us we first have to realize what generational curses are at work in our lives.  For this I ask people to do a family tree.  I ask them to go back to their grandparents or great grandparents whoever they have knowledge of and write down the facts.  I ask them to also list their siblings and their children on the tree.  Under each person’s name I have them list all their emotional and physical challenges and struggles.  Under the persons name for emotional issues they would list items such as depression, bipolar, fear and other emotional imbalances.  For physical challenges I am looking for inherited medical diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes, high blood pressure and other physical ailments. 


By listing out this family tree we can usually find the entry point.  In certain circumstances where we have a stronghold we are trying to break we want to see who committed the sin that allowed these curses to enter and repent on their behalf.  We can break these curses at the entry point so they don’t affect the person we are ministering to. 


We also find by listing the generational curses where the strongholds are.  An emotional response of bitterness is usually linked to cancer, fear can be related to asthma and allergies.  If we can tag the emotional response and link it to the physical cause it will give us more discernment into breaking the spiritual stronghold and generational curse.


We don’t understand why some are healed instantly and some are healed as they go I believe some curses go instantly and some of them, like our healing and deliverance, we have to go to the root of the problem. By researching our family tree we can get to the root of the problem.


We need to realize that a curse is at work in our lives.  We need to study our past and discern what has come down through the generations and is affecting us today. Make a list of what is in your past.  You are not claiming it is in your family or calling it forth.  You are educating yourself in order for the Lord to work in your life.  In order for Him to refine you and purify you.

Make sure the items in your past are cut off, broken and not going to affect you, your family or those you love. Break things off such as divorce, alcohol, heart attacks, glaucoma, depression and control.

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~ by Kathy DeGraw on June 9, 2014.

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