I am deeply saddened by the recent news story in our community about Christian radio personality John Balyo or WCSG radio station being accused of child sex assault.  When we hear of this kind of news what do we do with it?  First of all I believe we need to pray for all parties involved.  It is best not to gossip or spread the word so it speak unless it is for the purpose of prayer.

Prayer!  Our nation needs prayer! Our leaders need prayer! People need prayer! Christians need prayer!  Situations need prayer!  I prayed for the radio station having to deal with such a shocking revelation.  Being trained as a radio personality and waiting on God’s timing to release me in that direction for one of the things he wants me to do for his Kingdom it really got me thinking.  I thought that could have been the very radio personality that was training me, that I was sharing a show with or sitting next to in the sound booth. 

One question it brings to mind is how do we really trust someone or know someone?  The question is we don’t.  I was recently talking to someone and they said, “I trust the God in you.”  I said, “That’s good because that is my saying, what I always tell people to do.”  We can’t always trust as we would like to, but we can share Jesus to everyone and everywhere.

I think people can share Jesus and their faith, but what we really need to be sharing is Jesus’ deliverance.  It is a matter of deliverance.  And since deliverance is brushed under the table, hidden in the darkness, pastors don’t want it preached from their pulpit and don’t want deliverance ministries in their church.  I think of this awesome church doing great things for the Kingdom, evangelizing and equipping youth, establishing churches at a rapid rate….but they don’t believe in deliverance.  My question is how can you want the glory to come down, have an awesome praise team, operate in the prophetic and speak in tongues, but not believe and welcome the ministry of deliverance?  You can’t have some of the gifts without all of the gifts.  Deliverance must come forth!

Why do I say this because a grown man being sexually attracted to a boy under 12 is not a sexual issue; it is a demonic issue.  God did not design man to crave man, especially boys.  God created male and female. 

If we would embrace the reality of deliverance and the fact that demons can and do exist in well meaning Christians than school shootings, mass murders, sexual assault and a lot of other sick and horrendous crimes would not be committed.  If physiologists and psychiatrists would be aware of demonic influence and infiltration and refer people to the ministry of deliverance our jail cells and mental institutions would not be full.

These are demonic entities infiltrating people.  And what do I say about that?  Do we condemn John Balyo?  Absolutely not.  He is a sinner in need of grace.  He is a person in need of love.  He is one of God’s people in need of forgiveness.  Do we judge, criticize and ridicule?  Absolutely not!  We pray for Him, his family, his co-workers and his victims.  We get on our knees and pray.

If deliverance was a forefront ministry like Jesus designed it; we could free people like Jesus intended.  Jesus did deliverance, in the synagogues in front of people.  He didn’t do those private little prayer sessions with counseling.  He said, “Demon get out.” He acknowledged it for what it was a demon!

The problem is people don’t recognize they are bound with demons.  Even mature Christians blame it on behavior patterns, habits, things that have happened to themselves.  They are ignorant of satanic devices until he comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Why do we want to wait that long?  People parish for lack of knowledge.  People of God we must wake up and bring to the forefront what we are trying to ignore and sweep under the rug. 

Yes deliverance ministry is messy.  Yes people are afraid of demons, but I would be more concerned about leaving them in a person than casting them out of a person.  Read the Bible, Jesus did the ministry of deliverance, He was deliverance.  Why do we think we can’t have it?  Would you rather have bound people in your churches and Jezebel spirits running around?  That’s right there are Jezebel spirits – controlling spirits and they are sitting in your pulpits; that is why they don’t want the ministry of deliverance because then the people would be delivered and discover that their pulpits are full of Jezebel spirits.

If we could bring forth the ministry of deliverance the world would be a better place, truly.  No captive should be bound, they should all be released.

If we would spread the word of deliverance into the world we wouldn’t have headlines like John Balyo – WCSG.  The news media loves this.  Liberal news are having a riot making headlines with a Christian who messed up.  This world is growing dark.  We need to be the light.  Christians need to give out love, but how can they when we get a bad name every time one of “OUR” people sin.  Some of us fault the Christian pastors for sinning like Todd Bentley, Ted Haggerty and now John Balyo, but what if deliverance ministry would have been brought forth into all those person’s life.  They are no different from you and I except the fact that they didn’t see and acknowledge the demon that was manifesting in their life.

You can’t fault them.  The word of God says we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the principality.  Love the person.  Dislike the sin.  Really dislike the principality that has overpowered them but yet for a moment.  Separate the person from the principality and you can find love, forgiveness and much more.  Are you willing to spread the word of deliverance today for the entire world to see this much needed ministry.


~ by Kathy DeGraw on June 22, 2014.

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