Does your Bible need to be dusted off?

I am continually surprised by the number of Christians I speak to that are not reading their Bibles.  The excuses are just that, excuses!  I say, think about how much you read in a day.  You read the newspaper, magazine headlines as you stand in the grocery checkout, the texts on your phone and Yahoo news every time you fire up the internet which is several times a day.  Your favorite book is often read before you Bible and devotions at the breakfast table are often counted as Bible reading and are being used as a substitute to truly get in the Word of God.

God never meant for devotions and Christian books to be a substitute to the Word of God.  They are supposed to enhance it, co-labor with it.

The question I am pondering of course is how can you be a ‘MATURE’ Christian and not be reading your Bible.  Yes, the people I am finding around the country would definitely consider themselves to be a mature Christian.  The more shocking part is you would also consider them to be mature in their walk with Christ.  They are the very people leading your youth groups, prayer partners of the church and the tithers.  Yes, these are the people coming to me and telling me the excuses of why they can’t read their Bible, but they can read everything else they get their hands on.

The Bible is the bread of life, the authoritative word.  We can’t simply choose when to pick it up and read it and when to set it down for months at a time.  Yes, months and even a full year.  I was shocked when a friend of mine who is in leadership in their church and what I would have considered a strong evangelist told me they haven’t read their Bible in a year. 

Could this be your friend, your spouse, your leader?  Are you talking about reading the Bible and holding those you know accountable?  In the day of internet mania our Facebook posts could be the only Bible someone reads.  What are you posting?  I don’t think it is enough to simply post a scripture.  If they can open their Bible and get that word and are not what makes you think posting scriptures on your wall will make a difference.  We need scriptures combined with a short life applicable principle or conviction.

How much it must grieve the Father that Christians are not opening their word and getting to know Him.  One worst side effect is for the number of “mature” Christians who are reading the word and not living it. 

When are we going to start living the very Bible we read and when are we going to make reading it a priority.  Times are coming to a close quickly where Jesus will be returning.  We see the wars, rumors of wars, famines and much other.  Darkness is invading the earth and we need to know what the word of God says to live in these perilous times.  We need to know what it says about false teachers, righteous living and everything else.

We can no longer depend on man to feed us accurate manna and we don’t need to.  It is all in the authoritative word of God if we will take the time to read it and apply it to our lives and live it.

So what is holding you back from making Bible reading a priority in your life?  It’s just an excuse.  You make time for what is important to you.  Today I pray you will make time to read your Bible and then go out and apply it to your circumstance.  You just may discover you are on the way to the victory that you had been hoping for.


~ by Kathy DeGraw on September 4, 2014.

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