Don’t Make Excuses – Get to CHURCH!

Don’t Make Excuses – Get to C-H-U-R-C-H!!!

As I minister across the U.S. I have heard all the excuses in the world why not to go to church.

  • There aren’t any good churches in my town.
  • The nearest church I like is 1 ½ hours away.
  • Sunday is my only day to sleep in.
  • I have been hurt in the church.
  • All the pastors are jealous of my anointing.
  • They talk about me.
  • My spouse doesn’t go.
  • I haven’t had time to find a church since I moved.
  • Churches only want your money.
  • They never allow me to operate in my gifting’s.
  • I have high maintenance children and I don’t want them in the nursery.
  • I don’t like the music.
  • I watch church on TV

And the list goes on and on…  Yes, your list may go on and on, but it does not give you a right to stay out of church permanently.  Being in a body of believers is Biblical.  Internet church does not give you the fellowship, accountability and support of the body of Christ.  Not going to church doesn’t give you the support of a friend to talk to when you need counsel, a church to support you with meals during health issues or the loss of a loved one.

Yes, the church does hurt you, they do treat you unfair, and you are going to suffer injustices.  Why should you expect anything less?  The church is run by imperfect people just like the businesses, restaurants, stores and workplaces you frequent.  Why should the church hurt any less when run by the same people.  Because people expect us to be different and do it better.  Yes, some of us do it better, but only after being refined and defined by the hand of the living God for years.  Some people aren’t willing to go through the brokenness and purging it requires to truly have us act like the church.  Therefore, we are going to be hurt.  But do you stay out of a store, restaurant, workplace, business, etc. because you get hurt, upset.  Sure you may say you are never going to that restaurant or store again, but it doesn’t mean you won’t go to one of a similar kind.  If you have one bad Italian meal you may not frequent that restaurant again but you don’t stop eating Italian all together.

It is the same with church.  Perhaps you’ve had a bad experience with 1, 2, or 3 but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try 4, 5, or 6.  If I stopped at all the churches and pastors and people that hurt me, betrayed me, offended me, upset me, then I wouldn’t be doing what I am now.  I won’t be traveling the U.S. hosting love tours, prophesying, preaching and hosting conferences.  A person’s life wouldn’t be getting changed.

You are a world changer.  You can make a difference in the sphere of influence God is calling you to impact and if you are not in church than you are not making the difference that God is calling you to make.  You are not impacting and changing people.

We need to be in a church to give us a foundation of a walk in which we can build from.  Most people who aren’t going to church also aren’t praying, worshiping and studying their bibles at home.  The church will give us a foundation and hopefully a good church will plant a desire in us to want to do more at home.  It ultimately is our responsibility to grow in our walk with Christ and if we are not growing in our walk we are spiritually dying.

Complacency has struck the body of believers.  The thoughts of someday I will do it.  I really need to.  Next week I will go or open my bible and then next week comes and it doesn’t happen.  Everything is a choice and when we make that choice we will impact our lives and the lives of others.

Being in a relationship with God is about serving Him and loving and serving people.  We need to remove complacency and laziness from our lives so we can be effective and useful for the Kingdom.  When we get to heaven we will give an account of our relationship and time for God.  Will you be satisfied with the accountability you will be required to give.

I understand church hurts.  There was one time my husband was pastoring a church and we were being hurt so badly, that me, as a pastor’s wife left the church.  But did I stay home?  No.  Now that may seem awful to leave the very church we were pastoring and before you judge remember you don’t know the circumstances.  But, I did get up and go to another church immediately.  I got in a good body of believers who would love and support me, and actually the prophetic word I received while there prepared us for the next phase God had for us.

I have also been where God removed us from a church for a few weeks and my husband and I had home church together.  But again, simply for 3 weeks until He revealed the vision for us to start our own church.

There are so many reasons why people don’t go to church and the truth is I won’t judge your situation, but I will point out that the word of God says, we are blessed when we are assembled together.

Getting up and going to church again takes courage, it takes strength, it takes perseverance and determination.  Recently our daughter Amber (19) left for college.  Amber used to be quiet, shy, reserved and kept more to herself.  Although she is no longer that way, for Amber to get up and go to church in a strange town, with strange people at a strange (unfamiliar church) could be uncomfortable she did it.  She could have let all those past church hurts that we had, impact her too. But she didn’t.  She could have had her mind fixed on, if it isn’t like my church I loved I’m not going, but she didn’t.  She knew being in college life and being raised in our home that church was biblical and a way of life.  Therefore, one Sunday all by herself at 19 when no one else in her dorm is going to church, up early she rises to go and worship her King and get a teaching her soul and spirit needs.

She didn’t make excuses; such as none of my friends are going, I want to sleep in, I don’t know anyone, I have never been there before.  No she didn’t make excuses, she got up and went.  She is a testimony for all of us, all of you, who have the excuses.  Really, are you going to allow this 19 year old to do something you wouldn’t do and go someplace you wouldn’t go?  I really want are you going to let this 19 year old kick your butt.  Because she just won the fight against temptation, against satan, against the thoughts raging in your mind.  She just won spiritual warfare battle and gained victory.  Why don’t you let her kick you in the butt and get off your couch, off your duff and get back to where you belong?  In a good spirit filled bible believing worship praising church.  Jesus came to build the church, therefore we should be in it!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on October 26, 2014.

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