A scary reality

On a cold winter chilly night Naudia was in a dark alley.  All alone and afraid, she had never been to New York City before.  She had heard of people turning into vampires and sucking other human beings blood, but she had never seen it with her own eyes until she stumbled upon demonic rituals being performed in the alley that night.  As she continued to walk forward she was intrigued.  Her anxiety left her for curiosity of what they could be and would be doing.

Naudia had read books on vampirism in the past.  She believed it was all that, just simple make belief.  She never thought in her innocence of reading that she was opening a door to be seduced into a spiritual realm that she was not even aware of.  All of a sudden the light of a person’s flashlight shined brightly upon her and she was drawn into the circle where the ritual was being performed.

How could she be drawn in?  How could she do just a thing?  She didn’t do anything, but simply watched.  But simply watching sparked a curiosity within her that she had known all along was there, but that, she was trying to ignore.  She had a curiosity of the dark side or dark magic and secret powers, but until then, that night in the dark cold alley, she had never allowed the lust of darkness to manifest.  But the lust of the darkness was there.  It was planted in her since she read the books on vampirism.  She didn’t know that reading a book could implant such a draw into the dark side.  In her innocence she didn’t know she was compromising her beliefs and what she thought was to be right.

Her parents had always scolded her for not pursuing her walk with Christ.  They would force religion down her throat.  As she was forced, she was actually drawn away from the thing, from the one person (God) she was supposed to be drawn to.

The lingering spirits in the atmosphere right now were so heavy.  She didn’t know how to escape, but the fact was, she didn’t want to.  Besides the spirits at bay in the alley, there was the spirits she allowed in through the misconception of reading such a book in innocence.  What she didn’t know was that all aspects of the dark side have to be covered with the blood of Jesus in order for them not to penetrate her and devour her into the dark side.

The dark side is seducing, very luring.  It draws and tempts us into places in the unknown realms of the spirit that we should not be experimenting with.  It plunges us into alleys where we shouldn’t even be walking in the first place.  Yes, that’s right.  She shouldn’t have been in the alley.  She wasn’t lost.  She was simply walking around when she felt a pull to go in to that direction.

Often believers (Christians) feel that pull and believe it is from God.  The truth is the enemy counterfeits in the same way and the pull they believe is from God is in actuality an imagination or mind binding spirit, a spirit of lust and deception planted from the enemy.  Together they twist and turn and lead a person into believing a false reality and then they are caught in an unfamiliar trap.

Naudia’s new friends welcomed her with joy.  They weren’t hesitant at all or bothered with her appearance in the alley.  For them it was just another victim to seduce into the dark side.  They showed love, sympathy and forgiveness to her.  They pretended they were her friends, when they really were seeking another victim.  She was their next prey, but little did she know it that day.

She was happy for the first time in a long time.  She had gained the acceptance she had wanted for so longed.  People were all about her.  She was receiving attention and had great joy.  People were talking to her, listening to her and all about her.  The loneliness she once experienced was now gone, no more lingering on.  Her companions were all about her, until she thought, and that dark dreary night was about to explode and rupture into something she hadn’t bargained.

The above story is fiction; however there are many similarities and parallels to this story.  These things are truth about how someone can get lured and trapped into the demonic realm.  Loneliness, not being accepted and other emotional hurts and pains can target us as victims.  Reading demonic books or what we would consider innocent can and will open a door to the spiritual realm that we shouldn’t be involved. Please use this writing as a warning to some of your friends or yourself that you close all the doors in your life that may be lingering open and drawing you into a place you don’t want to be.  To learn more about deliverance and to receive freedom from things in your life that you don’t want such as rejection, loneliness, pride, lust, any emotional ailment or witchcraft, Satanism, new age visit http://www.degrawministries.org

~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 19, 2014.

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