Prophetic Evangelism

Street evangelism?  People run when they hear the words street evangelist.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, “But I’m not an evangelist.”  Yes, most of us are not born and raised to be evangelist. However, in Timothy it says, “But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry,” (2 Tim. 4:5).  Do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.  It doesn’t say do the work of a pastor, prophet or the other offices.  It says, “Do the work of an evangelist.”  Yes, those who are able should do the work of the other offices they are appointed with, but we can all be evangelists.

When I first started being called to the streets it was an act of obedience to the Lord.  As I felt Him leading my team and I to take prophetic love tours where we solely had to rely and trust upon the direction of the Holy Spirit it was a stretch of faith.  Who wouldn’t be stretched getting in a vehicle and being told turn left, turn right, go down that street, and stop at that restaurant to eat, or stop at the rest area when you don’t even have to use the bathroom?  It was a prophetic journey.  However, those prophetic journeys have now turned into love journeys where many lives are changed.

What started out as us being stretched in our faith and coming out of our comfort zone has now been released into people on the streets, in the stores, cashiers, waitresses and people working and shopping being changed and renewed with the love of Jesus.  Let’s face it people aren’t used to other people being nice!  We live in a world where we simply need to be nice, be love and be more.  When we will adjust our thinking to the other person is more important than ourselves we can be nice, be love and be more.

This was not always an easy concept for us to embrace.  We had to change a lot of things we were doing, such as driving to get that parking space first, reaching in to grab something in front of someone else at the store and walking extra fast to get in the restaurant to get the table first before the other people in the parking lot.  Evangelism is being nice, being love and being more in whatever way that looks like.  Our actions sometimes speak louder than words.  However, when our actions reflect the love of Christ and the importance of the other person, it will leave opportunities for our words to speak and witness the love of Christ.

We all have words we want to speak; we choose to speak to others.  The challenge is that we don’t speak them.  In the Bible, it states when they prayed for boldness that God answered their request, (Acts. 4:31).  He will answer yours too when you cry out for it.

Evangelism and love is putting ourselves aside, our agendas and releasing the love and power of God as directed by the Holy Spirit.  It is dependency on the Holy Spirit for Him to direct and lead and guide your path.  When we can trust Him for other things in our lives such as finances, housing, provision, jobs and ministry we need to rely on that same Holy Spirit to give us the words of wisdom to testify in a situation.

There are people who are never going to get in the church until we get outside of the church.  There are so many people waiting and desiring to have a pulpit.  You have a pulpit every day.  You have a voice and a love of God and when you speak out of the love and empowerment of God people will listen and that will be your pulpit, whether you are in a store, sitting for a meal at a restaurant or the Holy Spirit quickens you to go in somewhere because there is someone to speak to.  The Holy Spirit will highlight the person and unction your spirit to approach them.  Be obedient, listen to His unction, have faith and release the blessing of words He has given you to speak into a person’s life and do the work of an evangelist!

As my team and I have gone out in obedience we have been the one’s changed.  Learning to love those who are less desirable to the world or that people could criticize and judge.  We have learned through walking the streets of Vegas and loving on show girls they are just trying to make a living.  We have learned through loving on a transvestite that He is just a person trying to make people laugh.  As we have walked the streets loving on people we have learned that every homeless person has a story, that their families kicked them out, medical bills piled up, trauma attacked them after a war, the stock market crashed, retirement pensions haven’t taken in effect yet.  We have learned homeless people want someone to talk to, to not just put money in their jars, but people to invest in them and see the value they contain.  Every person has value, because every person is a son or daughter of God.

Through each prophetic love tour and evangelism journey we go on we teach and educate people on social media to do the same, to reach out, be nice, be love and be more.  It is not enough for us to simply make a difference.  We desire to teach other people that what we do they can do also.  What we were hesitant and felt unequipped to do they can do.  We are equipped when we have the Holy Spirit inside of us.

We were created to love God and love people, to serve God and serve people.  When we connect with God vertically and allow Him to pour in us from above it is then and only then that we can pour out horizontally to people with the love, power, passion and compassion of Christ.  People need God.  People need people.  You are the God people need.  Some may never think they can hear from God, but when you approach them with the love of God or a prophetic word from God they cannot deny a God exists.

Get past yourself, the inadequacies, the unfamiliarity’s of evangelism.   It is uncomfortable at first.  It does take a step of faith, but through Him and in Him all things are possible to those who believe, (Mark 9:23).  Are you going to believe the lie of the devil that you can’t do it or that you aren’t equipped or are you going to lean on and stand upon what the word of God says, that all things are possible to those who believe?

~ by Kathy DeGraw on March 30, 2015.

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