Prophetic Word 2015!

There is a spiritual shift in the atmosphere.  God is getting ready to release destinies.  This is a year of IMPACT, EXPANSION AND GREATER.  He is going to propel you forward into your destiny; this is the year of launch. There is a spiritual shift taking place.  Things that were once hindered and delayed will no longer be dormant from your assignment.  God is getting ready to release new assignments of ministry for you this year.  Those new assignments begin with removing the things from your flesh that don’t belong.

This will be a year of crucifying the flesh, a year of no flesh, a year that you allow the Holy Spirit to remove from your flesh what doesn’t belong.  A year of impact, expansion and greater begins with the Holy Spirit impacting you with fresh ideas, new revelation and imparting and activating in you what was there from long ago, but never released.  Timothy says to stir up the gifts.  The gifts have been there.   The impartation the Holy Spirit gave you a long time ago needs to be released, must be released.

God is getting ready to do mighty things on your behalf and on behalf of the body of Christ.  He is getting ready to release some things that have been held up and delayed in the spiritual realm.  Things you have been waiting for will no longer be delayed.  He is removing distractions from your path.  Distractions in your life and distractions in your assignment.  God has a new assignment for many of you.  An assignment of peace, and no more wavering in your faith.  However, it begins with you.  It begins with you releasing your flesh, your wants and your desires for His desires.

God is getting ready to expand your territory, your sphere of influence, but that too first comes with an internal purging of the uncleanliness and things that are not according to His plan.  He wants you to seek Him for this purging and cleansing, to get rid of the flesh, anything that is unproductive and unfruitful.  He is calling us to sacrifice our flesh and surrender to Him those things we hold dear so we can be used effectively for His glory.

The Lord is coming in.  Greater measures are coming our way.  Greater influx of revelation of His scriptures.  He desires those who seek an earnest pursuit of Him.  When we earnestly pursue Him we will seek His treasuries and He will release the greater in our lives.  Expansion is coming our way.  God is getting ready to release.  He is getting ready to release the prophetic in greater measures.  His desire is for us to be releasing the prophetic, equipping people to be prophetic and pursuing the prophetic.

People have run from the prophetic, because the prophetic has been distorted and misused.  God wants us to bring balance back into the prophetic, to train people and release the prophetic.  God is looking for a prophetic movement.  He wants us to equip our youth to be prophetic, to have prophetic encounters.  He wants our churches to be open to a prophetic move from God.  He wants the prophetic released.  I hear the Lord say, “This is to be a year of prophetic movement, impartation, activation and release.”  He wants us to teach people about the prophetic, release the prophetic and move in the prophetic.

He desires more for us.  He longs to give us more as we continue forward into this year.  This is going to be a year of prophetic expansion, a year of releasing destinies, and a year of greater revelation.  Are you ready to seek an earnest pursuit of Him and allow the Holy Spirit to deal with your flesh so you can walk into the destiny He has prepared for you?

-Kathy DeGraw, founder of DeGraw Ministries

~ by Kathy DeGraw on March 30, 2015.

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