Prophetic Word on Propelling

I felt the Lord drawing me into His presence and then an unction came upon me to pray specifically for His servants, for leaders and ministers in His Kingdom.  I could feel His heart for you.  His desire for a refreshing of your spirit and soul and that God would break your heart for what breaks his heart.  That your heart would unite with His.  That you would come into spiritual alignment with His will and calling on your life.  That you would be refreshed and renewed in Him, have abundant life, health, prosperity and that you would not get weary in your calling.

I transitioned to praying in the Spirit, for God’s servants, and as He gave me the interpretation.   God wants your heart, so united with his heart.  He wants to give you an outpouring of his love for his people.  He wants you to burn with love for his people.  He wants to invigorate you.  He desires to sustain you.  He sustains you through his love, because when you have an overflowing vessel of His love it can’t help, but continually sustain you, because you are always filled.  He wants to refresh you with his living waters, pour out new wine on you, he wants to fill you with revelation of His scriptures and pour out an everlasting abundance of knowledge.  He desires to you use in greater measures.

I hear the word propelling right now in the Spirit realm.  He wants to propel you in new places, new spheres of influence and new places in the Spirit.  He wants to increase your prayer life.  He wants to lavish his abundant love upon you. He wants to renew your strength as an eagle.  God says, now is not the time for weariness and heaviness it must go.  It has no place in the Kingdom.  He says, “You are victorious, you have the victory, you are victorious.”  Victorious because of his great love and nothing cannot be conquered when you have his love.  His love will propel you into new places, new assignments, new anointing’s.  He said, “I am going deeper because the time is here that My Kingdom must manifest.  I desire to come in like a fresh morning rain.  I love you with an everlasting love.  I have anointed you, appointed you, chosen you.  I desire to fellowship with you and renew your strength.”  There are great things coming.  Get ready my people, He says, “Get ready.  Abundance!  Outpouring!  Refreshing!  Renewal!  Now is the time for prosperity in your soul, growth, abundance and transition.  Yes, it is a time of transition, but good transition. You will be learning new things, abundant things about my Kingdom.  My Kingdom will prevail.  Get equipped.  Get ready!  I am going to release the increase you need to advance My Kingdom.  My Kingdom shall prevail.  No weapon formed against it shall prosper, and no weapon formed against you shall prosper, when you are equipped, prepared, ready and armed for battle.  Yes, get yourself armed for battle.  Get yourself armed in My word.  Permeate yourself in My word, permeate yourself, and saturate yourself in the revelation of My scripture.

Allow the Holy Spirit to be your teacher and instructor.  Seek Him for guidance into my scripture which is life and abundant health to your soul.  Your soul is not perishing; it is renewed daily when you feed it my word.  Your mind, will, and emotions need my word, which I have brought forth.  It is abundant life and light.  It is refreshing, renewing and everlasting.  Bury yourself in My word.  Allow it to come forth and birth new sprouts in you.  Water those sprouts with My love.  In the word, there is love and power, that will spring forth and cause new things to grow in you.  As you bring those things forth out of the depths of My word, you will bring forth the change the world longs to see.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on July 17, 2015.

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