Prophetic Word – Making all things new through trust

I make all things new.  Why does worry plague you?  False happenings ~ vain imaginations, consuming your mind?  Whatever happens, I make all things new.  Your mind is plagued with concern for things that have not yet happened.  You worry about things you cannot fix.  You live as lost instead of found in Me, where there is no concern.  When you are truly found in Me, living in a place of peace and love, you will not be in concern and fear, because you will know I have all things in the palm of My hand. Do you not trust?  If I take care of the sparrows how much more will I take care of You?  Care not.  Fret not.  Be encouraged I am here!

You want to be a lover of My presence, but how can you when you are not in My presence absorbing the rest and peace you need to walk this walk I have destined for you?  Stay determined.  Determined to set up to accomplish what I have chosen for you.  A destiny worth living, worth accomplishing.  We have much to accomplish together, but if your mind is filled with other needless concerns, how can you let me in to talk to you?

Give your concerns to me.  Make your petitions known to Me and then leave them there.  No more sorrows, vain imaginations and mind binding spirits.  Pour out your love to Me and as you do, trust will overfill that place of concern.  My perfect trust will be implanted in the silence of the night, in the stillness of your soul.

More peace and happiness will come your way.  I have made you for such a time as this.  Create in yourself a clean heart of rest, of my perfect will and it will renew your soul.  Trust Me little one who is giant in My Kingdom.  Trust Me, Your Father for the perfects plans and purposes for your life.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on July 20, 2015.

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