Is your plate of food an act of worship?

Do you know your plate of food is an act of worship?   “For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s,” (1 Cor. 6:20).  What we eat and put on our plate is an act of obedience and obedience is worship to our God. When you fill your plate and sit down to eat it, look at it and visualize it as an act of worship to your King.  Ask yourself, “Would He be pleased with my act of worship, also known as my plate of food?”

What did God give us to eat?  The Bible instructs us what He gave us to eat.  Items such as, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish are some of the items He provides for us.  Look at what they ate in the Bible.  They did not have meat every day or with every meal, it was reserved for a special occasion.  What I am saying is eat as the Lord Jesus Christ himself would eat.  You know the bracelet that said, “WWJD – What would Jesus do,” think about, “What would Jesus digest; what would Jesus dine on?”

People often overeat, comfort eat, stress eat, boredom eat and loneliness eat just to name a few.  We should eat to survive not to thrive, another words eat until full and satisfied, but not overindulge.  Our bodies were designed to hold a certain amount of food and when we expand that limitation it makes us sluggish physically and emotionally which effects our spiritual and physical worship.

Think about the things you put in your body such as caffeine, sugar, chocolate, these are stimulants.  They get you hyped up and ready to go.  They give you the rush you need, but then they crash you down.  What are they doing to your temple?  What if it crashes you down at the time you need to go into worship, prayer or bible study?  How alert and ready are you going to be to receive or give if you are crashing at that moment or getting sluggish?  Think of everything that goes into our mouth as an act of worship that effects your worship.

The Holy Spirit will tell you what to eat if you ask.  He will instruct you what is good for your body.  He gives us instruction about what to fast from and how long to fast.  Therefore, can’t He instruct us in different areas of eating?  Is the Lord instructing you to eat particular foods or abstain from particular foods?  Your obedience to recognize those instructions is an act of worship.    He gives us the instruction.  The question is do we listen?

One of my friends struggled with food addiction.  She desired freedom.   She finally received the fact that her body was a temple of the Holy Ghost.  She changed her eating expectations to have her life of eating be an act of worship to the King.  She got in the practice of waking up every morning and asking the Holy Spirit, “What do you want to eat today?”  She would ask Him as she went to her cupboard or refrigerator, “What do you want for lunch today?”  She made it a habit to have the Lord lead and guide her on what to eat for the day and for that meal.  Why?  She wanted to break her food addiction, but even more she knew her food was an idol and she wanted no other idols before her Lord.  She wanted to eat as an act of worship to the Lord.

Worshiping God includes worshiping Him with our physical bodies.  Our physical bodies are used to worship God.  We stand up in a service for 30-45 minutes on the average and lift our hands in praise and worship to our King.  This takes endurance.  How can someone who is inactive expect to hoot, holler, sing, and dance to the Lord?  It is much like walking.  If we haven’t walked briskly around the block in a long time, it is difficult for us to go out there and jog.  Endurance must be built.  That is what we need to do when we worship our Lord, we must prepare ahead of time for the race, or in our case for the worship service.

I don’t want to have to stop worshiping my Lord because I am tired and out of breath and I know you don’t either.  It takes stamina to worship.  Think about it, you are sitting in the car to get to service, then you sit in the church waiting for service to start, then it’s like okay everyone up and at it.  It’s time to worship.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a pew warmer any more, I want to worship with endurance!

There is a natural/spiritual correlation in worship that also correlates to our eating and exercise.  What we do in the natural affects the spiritual and there are times when what we do in the natural pulls down the spiritual.  When we are worshiping, raising our hands and feeling His presence, prophetically dancing before the Father, that moves Him.  Our physical act of worship can and does increase our spiritual act of worship.

For those of you who already raise your hands in worship to the Lord I want you to think about those worship moments you’ve had.  If you are a one hand raiser, how often do you find yourself switching hands while worshiping?  Your arms get tired and you go from arm to arm through the song.  For those of you that love to raise two arms and hands up to the Lord and give Him all you have; for the most part you probably do a great job of it.  I want you to think about your worship time.  Is there ever a time you go from having your arms fully up in the air, to your arms spread out like the cross and then move your arms down by your legs but slightly extended?  This progression in different positions of arms extensions can be because your arms are getting heavy or tired.

We can’t allow weakness in our bodies to inhibit our worship to the Lord.  By doing some simple exercises and building our endurance we can worship for an hour without even once thinking about our physical bodies.  In order to endure in our worship we have to make sure we are physically fit and able to worship Him uninhibited.  We won’t give out worshiping in heaven, so why should we now?  This is practice for the real thing!  It’s not practice, but it is preparation.

I believe as we grow closer to the Lord we will value the things that are important to Him.  I believe what we put in our bodies is important to Him.  If the food doesn’t have any nutritional value why should it defile our temple?  The Lord told me that one day.  He said, “If it doesn’t have nutritional value, don’t eat it.”  I have had to give up many kinds of food for the Lord.  He wants His temple strong, healthy and ready to do Kingdom business.  You have to desire to want to change what you eat.  I believe as you mature in your walk with the Lord and walk into your destiny He will deal with you on things that are important to Him.  Meanwhile, until He deals with you individually on your eating look at your plate as an act of worship every time you fill it!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on July 28, 2015.

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