Prophetic Word – Deliverance and breaking free from rejection

I feel a real stirring in the Spirit realm.  There is a strong presence of the Lord manifesting and I feel the unction for deliverance.  I prayed, Father what do you have for your people?  I couldn’t ignore as I started my day, that I felt the Lord wanted people delivered.  This is the hour, this is the time.  He was revealing to me that the rejection has to be rooted out of us, if we are to root the rejection out of others and help them in these final hours before the Lord comes.

The Lord is appearing in the splendor of His glory.  He is going to manifest, but first he needs us to make a difference, he needs us to make an impact, he needs us to exude the love of God.  How can we exude the love of God when we are filled with rejection?  Rejection leads to bitterness and offense.  When we feel rejected by someone we build bitter feelings and offense towards them.

God wants us to leave the bitterness behind.  He wants us to move forward in a newness like the fresh morning rain.  He has more to give us.  He desires to bless us.  He wants us to remove those things from our lives that hinder us, that make our heart sore and sour inside of us.  He desires for us to be upright, forgiving and love.  He desires for us to release people from the offenses they have committed against us.

Our minds need to be bound to Christ’s way of thinking and to the word of God.  Several times a day the enemy plagues our minds with negative thoughts and our flesh rises up.  These thoughts must be taken captive (2 Cor. 10:4-5).  Each and every thought must be taken captive and cast down.  Rejection builds up when we take those thoughts in and take ownership of such thoughts.  Instead of casting the thoughts down we take them in and allow them to build strongholds in us.  Each time we own a thought, don’t cast it down, it is part of a platform that we build inside of ourselves.  We build up that rejection with each and every thought that comes our way.  We must take ownership not of the thought, but of removing the thought.  We have something to do about our situation.  The choice, the decision, is ours.

What choice and decision are we going to make?  We must not believe the lies, but instead believe what the word of God says about us.  We are chosen, loved, favored!  We sit high up in the heavenly things, have access to the throne room of God and have authority over the thoughts in our mind!

Rejection manifests because we don’t take captive thoughts and dismiss them for what they are, lies and distortions of who we are.  The Bible says who we are and who’s we are.  Do you believe who you are seated in heavenly places?  When we renew our minds, when we close the doors to the lies and KNOW we are accepted by God, then and only then, will we not allow rejection to penetrate our heart and mind, but we will keep our heart and mind connected to Christ Jesus and what He says about us.

Will you hear him?  Will you hear the voice of your beloved or will you hear the voice of the evil one and your flesh rising?  Don’t listen to people and what they say about you.  Listen to the voice of the Lord, because He is calling you out of destruction, out of the darkness and out of the spirit of rejection into victory.  You have the victory of Christ Jesus inside of you, start living out and walking out that freedom by taking each rejecting thought and dismissing it for the lie that it is!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on August 13, 2015.

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