My employer sending me to register to vote when I was 20 years old was one of the best things that could have ever happened to me.  I was raised in a home that did not realize or teach the importance of voting.  I had no interest in voting and did not realize it was my right as an American.  My employer was one of the head politicians in our region and was ahead of his party.  We frequently saw presidential candidates and governors in our office and would be encouraged to work on the campaigns and go to the rallies as they approached.

I remember my boss coming around one day and asking if I was registered to vote, in which I replied, “No.”  They encouraged me to go and register to vote, as a presidential election was approaching, and even allowed me to stay punched in on the time clock while I went over to the Secretary of State.  I was glad that I did.  Working at this company jump started me to be aware of politics, teach my children the importance of voting, and learn more about the candidates and what they believe.

As I became a Christian voting became even more important to me.  First as an American I saw the value, second as a Christian I realized it was my God given responsibility.  If I want Godly leaders, I have to get involved and elect Godly officials.  Our country has fallen several times because Godly leaders and representatives were not voted into office.

Currently, we are seeing our government change daily.  The rules, amendments, constitution and laws, all that we are founded on and once believe in have been stripped and we have lost the confidence in our own governmental system that we once had.

It all begins with voting.  How many people were like I was raised that one vote doesn’t make a difference?  How many people are in ignorance that they don’t know the governmental structure or how it effects us and they choose ignorance instead of information? How many people simply think it is another person’s job to get involved, but not their own?

As I look back I am so thankful I was introduced to the government, political issues and voting through this business.  How many years would it have taken me otherwise to get involved?  I have worked on political campaigns, helped assemble materials for distribution and even assisted in supporting our troops during the Gulf War all because of this introduction.

  • What are we doing today to educate our children and make them aware of political issues?
  • What are doing to reach out to those who don’t vote and encourage them to do so?
  • How are we making a difference to elect Godly officials?

Next year is an election year.  My 19 year old daughter recently asked me if she was registered to vote.  I was thankful that she didn’t follow in the footsteps of my situation where someone had to go and tell her to register to vote.  She has heard us talking about candidates over the years.  She has seen pictures of me going to the Capitols to pray.  She has heard the testimonies come back from Washington D.C. of how the prayer times there have been incredible.  She has learned from us being Christians the importance of voting and now she wanted to make sure she was registered, so she could participate in the election next year.  Yes, she was registered, she just didn’t remember, but I’m thankful she knew it was important enough.  We made a difference by changing our lives and the importance of voting and so can you!

One of the things our ministry has done is we are starting to travel to each state capitol and pray for that state and all the leaders of the state at the capitol.  We travel by car and live in Michigan.  One time we traveled to Oklahoma just to pray over that state, the officials, leaders, and government authority.  That is a long ways to go and a fair amount of money for food, gas and hotels, but we want to make a difference.  We don’t want to sit idly by and say it is someone else’s responsibility.  We want to do our part, not just for our state, but for the nation.

I encourage you to go to your capitol and pray.  Discern the spiritual realm and call forth the blessings of heaven.  Bind and restrict the demonic realm from operating over your state and through your leadership.  Get a group of people together and go and take your state and territory for the Lord.

My life was changed the first time I went to Washington, D.C. to pray over our nation.  I went with my daughter and one other team member.  It was freezing cold that day, we had unexpected temperatures and our bodies were red they were so cold.  However, I came alive that day.  The intercession and what the Holy Spirit released while we prayed over every government building, memorial and monument.  It was incredible!  That day, something ignited in me.  It took me traveling to the Capitol to ignite a passion inside of me to pray for our government.  What is it going to take for you to get ignite?  We’ve gone to Washington D.C., every year since and we are scheduling a trip for this year again to pray.

Prayer is a privilege and voting is a privilege. We all have responsibilities as Americans and as Christians to pray and vote and to get involved.  How are you going to get involved to make a difference to bring change to our country?

~ by Kathy DeGraw on September 24, 2015.

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