I was working on a special project for the Lord and taking many breaks for prayer and meditation. I was reflecting on him and had been specifically praying and crying out to the Lord how I could best serve his people and how I could love them and impact them. I heard him say people don’t want to cut loose relationships and dead situations in their lives because it is the Christmas season, but that they can no longer hold onto and try to resurrect things that I no longer have planned for their lives. The time with him proceeded forth and I received this prophetic revelation from the Lord.

You have to discern when it is enemy resistance versus when it is no longer God’s will and he has lifted his hand from that assignment or relationship. You are hanging onto something or someone you no longer should be hanging onto. You think you belong together with a specific person or that this is your assignment, but you have missed the timing or the enemy released destroying powers into that path, (“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy” John 10:10).

What you are attempting to resurrect no longer has the Lord’s hand of blessing on, what you are praying for, decreeing with all diligence, hoping and expecting for is simply tiring you out and wearing you down. You don’t see the truth of the situation, because you don’t want to. Your time to move on is now. The thing you are hoping for is in the past. No longer can you speak resurrection life into it. You don’t want to lose your dream, break your heart or hurt, but you are already hurting and stressed out by something that is not his will. Cut it loose and let it go. It’s not meant for you and he has much better in store. You can’t see the better because you are living by sight and not by faith, but we should, live by faith and not by sight (2 Cor. 5:7).

Restoration is in your future, just not in your present situation. Restoration comes in building something new, not restoring something that you are hoping for that is already lost. It’s a new season, a new year is approaching, cut your losses, heal your heart, expect more, and move on towards the goal (1 Cor. 9:24), the prize which is in Christ Jesus (Php 3:14) and when you are in Christ Jesus new things appear. Everything is possible. There are no probably’s with Christ, but assurities that all things are possible with him (Phil 4:13).

Don’t have expectations of anything less, than him embarking you on a new prosperous journey filled with hope, healing, expectation; that the last is going to be greater than the former (Hag 2:9). Get renewed hope by being with him and being obedient to his plan for your life; trust him. Many of you don’t trust him because you aren’t letting go of the very thing you are holding onto that you shouldn’t be. Trust him, repent of not believing by faith that he can improve and change your situation.

Take it to the throne of God and seek his grace and mercy in the time of need (Heb. 4:16). Allow him to be your healer. Allow him to be your friend and your sustainer. He is the sustainer and giver of life; even while you are feeling something in your life needs to be resurrected, that thing is dead. The very thing you are hanging on to so tightly is dead. Allow him to grow new life into your situation. Give him the very thing you hold most dearly; that relationship, job, or situation, that you seem to not be able to let go.

You keep pressing in and persevering in the very thing he has released you from. You haven’t stopped to pray and seek his advice on whether to keep moving forward. He disconnected you from it, but you didn’t see it, because you didn’t stop to look, listen, pray and seek his face. If you would have waited and rested in him you would have seen. But now he is giving you instruction, heed his warnings.

You will go around in circles and see the same negative happenings if you do not cut those things off that are dead. Just like he cuts the dead off the vine (John 15), you need to cut the dead off your life. There is hope and expectation of greater, but right now your focus is stagnant and passive and you can’t see the bright tomorrow he has planned for you while you are living in the past. Renew your focus and trust him to see the unknown.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 1, 2015.

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