Apostolic Thrust

Apostolic thrust are two words I have repeatedly heard in my spirit over the past week.  A thrust is to push someone or something with force and to make a sudden, strong, forward movement.  As a verb thrust means to extend, spread, and put forcibly into a course of action or position.  I am repeatedly hearing these words and believe this year God is going to thrust open, expand and expose the fivefold apostolic ministry in a more profound way than ever before.

The fivefold office of apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher has not departed.  Even though many religious churches don’t believe the fivefold is still in activation, it very much is today.  In fact the fivefold is believed in most churches for pastor, teacher and evangelist.  It is when we get to the offices of apostle and prophet that the church doesn’t embrace that which we need so desperately.

The other two words I have been hearing in my spirit have been Kingdom and establishment.  The apostle and prophet establish the Kingdom.  The apostle is crucial in overseeing and establishing churches, raising up leaders and discipling those to be sent out, the very thing Jesus commissioned us all to do, (Matt. 28:19).  The prophet speaks life and light in people, giving them hope and encouraging them to go and pursue what God has called them to do (of course, both of these offices do much more.)  The prophet corrects, the Holy Spirit convicts.  The prophet builds up, encourages, and exhorts, and the Holy Spirit comforts.  People need to be ignited and imparted into through the offices of apostle and prophet in order to assist in the Kingdom establishment here on earth.

The fivefold ministry advances Kingdom while people not embracing the fivefold simple build churches, names, brands, and more programs. The fivefold empowers people to go out and reach beyond the church, where others stay inside the church.  The fivefold is more concerned with advancing the Kingdom and exalting the name of Jesus, than they are with self-exaltation and building larger ministries.  They know as they build people and advance Kingdom, churches and ministries getting larger will be a natural byproduct of what they do from the heart.  Building churches and ministries is about our flesh, name, recognition, and making people comfortable.  Advancing the Kingdom is about focusing on the Spirit of the Living God and what is important to him.  It is yielding our agenda for the King’s agenda and what He would have for his bride, the church.  It is allowing the Holy Spirit to come in and humble ourselves, so that it is never about an individual, but a corporate investment and discipleship into people.  It is releasing the love and power of God to everyone in each and every moment; having Kingdom focus and what He wants established in the forefront of your mind, willing to be obedient to bring His message forth.

As I continued to meditate on what I repeatedly heard in the spirit for over a week the Lord was showing me that this year the apostolic thrust that he is calling forth is going to release, scatter and dispatch.  He is going to send forth and activate people in the fivefold office.  This year we will experience that thrust.  There will be a turnover in leadership mantels from the older generation to the apostles and prophets that He is calling to arise.  He has called apostles to establish and he told me, you are going to see them build, plant, resurrect and construct.  A new set of fivefold people will be speaking out and dispersing what I have called them to speak.

He continued to reveal to me an army is arising of fivefold positions and to instruct people to listen to what they have to say.  Renewal of purpose these people will deliver to the body of Christ.  Closure to the things of the past they will speak.  They will break the chains that have been keeping those in bondage and will speak life, hope and love.  Through what they speak, renewal of purpose will come and people will be activated.  People’s faith will be strengthened through the new leaders that will arise.  Purpose is given to the fivefold ministry, deep purpose.  He needs his leaders to instruct in the knowledge of the fivefold ministry, but also he needs his people to hear.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on February 21, 2016.

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