Prophetic Word-Revelation and Weapons of Warfare

The weapons of warfare are mighty, mighty for pulling down strongholds, but they can’t be mighty if his people don’t use them. The weapons of warfare have been misplaced in the body of Christ. They are not being used. My word says if my people humble themselves and pray I will heal their land, but prayer isn’t taking place in the church and prayer isn’t taking place in people’s lives.
Your body is a temple of the Holy Ghost, and the Holy Ghost is a prayer warrior and a prayer instrument. Do you not know he co-labors with you to destruct the very elements coming against the Kingdom of God? You don’t have to worry about what to pray or when to pray, because when you are in union, cooperation and co-laboring with the very Spirit of God, he will release the revelatory insights and out of the depths of your being will come his prayer language/ The wisdom to know through his instruction and teaching the very outpouring of prayer.

Prayer is not a chore or job. It is a communication line, strength, a divine portal where you and the Father connect spirit to Spirit. It is the chance of a lifetime to make an impact for Christ; when you feel all else is failing and you have nothing to give. It is an outpouring of love to release words that will break down strongholds, release revival and impart manifestations of the Spirit. Prayer is the tool and instrument in which you show your Father love because he designed you and fashioned you to pray. That is right, your very design, and fashion of your being is to communicate with the Father in heaven; to go into his open arms and rely on his mighty right hand, upraised fist and his arm of strength to protect, guide and lead you.

You have been given weapons, but complacency and passivity has robbed and distorted the body of Christ. It is time we armor up and release the empowerment the Holy Spirit has given us. The armor of God, it is given, it is instructed to, put it on. Notice it says, put on. You can’t have what you don’t put on. What is it going to take to put on the armor of God; a tragedy? No! As Christians we should be praying on the offense and not the defense.

God desires purity and holiness for his people; that comes with a right relationship, living in righteousness and going to the throne room of God and interceding for his people; not only interceding for his people, but instructing them how to intercede. Caring for them and assisting them to release the power of God that is released through prayer.

It is time for laziness in the body of Christ to be gone, prayer has been distorted, because his people have distorted and lacked the capacity to know the power and ignition that prayer brings. He wants to ignite something in you today; will you release your burdens and your obstacles to him to become a prayer giant in the great army of God?

~ by Kathy DeGraw on March 25, 2016.

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