False gospel being preached-I put my faith into action

As a gospel of condemnation was being preached – I couldn’t be a bystander, I had to put my faith to action.

I was at an outdoor Arts Festival this weekend in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I was with my family enjoying the dances, musicians and food booths when I saw a few people holding signs saying, “Repent” “Sinners go to hell” and other condemning sayings.  The first time I went past them I was with my family and explained to my 19 year old daughter that presenting a gospel of damnation was not going to lead people to Christ, she agreed.  We arrived early at the next stage.  It just wouldn’t leave me what I saw with these people preaching, yelling at people with Bible in hand that the wages of sin is death.  It’s not the first time I have seen this, but it is the last time I decided I was going to be an innocent bystander when the entire message of the gospel is not being preached.

I decided to go back to these people.  I stood back and first watched and observed.  They had people listening to them and one young lady arguing with them.  One of the topics they were shouting about was homosexuals and that they are in sin and should be kicked out of the church.  People were watching shaking their heads in disagreement of the gospel that was being presented, however no one would activate their faith.  Even the girl shouting was just accusing him back of what kind of life he was living.  I stood back and then decided I couldn’t allow the people that were being deceived to be preached a false partial gospel.

I gently stepped in with love and touched the girl, so she would stop yelling and allow me to say something.  I said to the man, “You are trying to lead people to God’s love right?”  He said, “No, I am trying to convict people of their sin, to repent.”  I proceeded to ask him how convicting them of their sin was going to show them God’s love.  Isn’t it all about God’s love?  If we lead them to love, than won’t the Holy Spirit convict them of their sin?

I proceeded to tell the girl God loves all people.  He even loves the homosexuals.  God loves all people, he dislikes the sin they are in.  I turned to the crowd of about 25 on the street, the one’s listening, the very one’s shaking their head in disagreement, but not willing to step up and activate their faith.I told them we serve a God of love, and that God loves them very much.  I said, “God loves sinners.  Jesus hung around sinners.”  I told them that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, but that God doesn’t want to condemn us, He wants to love us.  I continued a simple, yet basic message of love.  People were responding, agreeing, saying yes!  I heard one gentleman say, “Yes, now that is the gospel that needs to be preached.”  It was a simple gospel I put out on the street corner that night.  Not one of eloquent words or scripturally packed, but one of love mixed in with scriptures.  That is the message we need to convey is love.  Anyone of those bystanders could have simply spoken up.  The Holy Spirit will give you the words.  The Bible says He will.

I told the crowd move on, this man is preaching something you don’t need to hear.  I noticed as I was preaching on love the man couldn’t, didn’t argue with me and what I was saying. Why?  You can’t argue and debate with love, because God’s word is full of love and love is undebatable, it always conquers and always wins.

I travel the U.S. sharing the love of God on love tours.  During these tours we hand out pins as led by the Spirit that say, “I am loved.”  Before I went to the festival that night I grabbed a handful of pins to put in my pocket, just in case.  I always want to be ready for God.  As I was preaching this message on love on this street corner I started handing out these I am loved pins to the bystanders and coincidentally I grabbed just enough for all the people.  That is the God I serve and love who thinks about the little things and even loves enough to have me grab these pins and share them with just the right amount of people.

I had never preached on a street corner before.  I had never openly spoke and confronted someone sharing an inaccurate incomplete word. I just knew I had to trust God.  I went in with love.  I didn’t even think about what I would say and I wasn’t fearful.  I knew to go forth in love.  I even told the people that God loved this person sharing an inaccurate message.

I just couldn’t stand by any longer.  Time is short people of God.  The end times are upon us.  The word of God says many will be deceived and in my heart I didn’t want to be accountable for observing people being deceived and being an innocent bystander.  The same God that gave me with words to testify and preach will give them to you.  He is no respecter of persons.  Be love.  Don’t be condemning, judgmental and don’t yell.  Go in like Jesus with love and compassion and lead the people to love and the false teacher to love.  Go out in the world and BE LOVE!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on June 27, 2016.

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