Knowing vs Feeling

When you pray and get an answer do you feel you have your answer or do you know you have your answer?  There is a difference between feeling and knowing.  I remember for a season saying, “I feel.” When my spiritual father would instruct me and say, “Don’t feel, know!”  There were times I spoke to him and I knew, but I would not state it as I knew, I would say, “I feel.”  There is a difference between feeling and knowing and we need to know the difference because feelings can get us off the road of what is the will of the Father.

Webster’s definition of feeling is, “an emotional state of reaction.”  Feelings often move us in a situation and get us to react, instead of stopping to think about what we are doing.  When we are going based on feeling, we are reacting and not praying.  We are going based on thinking and feeling, instead of on what the Lord told us.

A feeling in also perception, it is that inward feeling of this is the way or direction I should head. Although sometimes perceptions can be right our decisions should not solely be based on perceptions.   Feeling something is not the same as sitting down and praying about something and KNOWING it! Therefore, we should not act on our feelings or perceptions, but on the revelation we receive through prayer with our Father.

A feeling could also be referred to as an impression.  It could be, I have an impression the Lord wants me to head in this direction, or I saw this vision and it makes sense with what I am currently discerning.  An impression is close to a perception and another direction we don’t want to lean on until we have carefully and prayerfully taken it to our Father.

A further definition fromWebster’s is, “an often unreasoned opinion or belief.”  I liked that, think about that, an unreasoned opinion or belief.  I believe we get that impression or perception and it is just that, an unreasoned opinion.  We haven’t discerned it and taken it to the Father and something that we call, “unreasoned,” to me is dangerous!  Unreasoned opinion or belief is definitely allowing our flesh to get involved.  Think about how many times a day you have opinions on something that has happened to someone or yourself.  Opinions are just that, opinions!  They are dangerous because they are not concrete facts, but ways we allow ourselves to emotionally respond which goes into our next part of the definition.  Webster’s also says part of the definition is the capacity to respond emotionally especially with higher emotions.  This spells F-L-E-S-H to me!  We must not respond with higher emotions, this is part of our reptilian brain, the reactionary part which needs to pause before we react so we don’t react with our emotions.

When we look at the word knowing the definition here is more concrete.  It is more easily defined than feeling.  According to Webster’s knowing is having or reflecting knowledge, information or intelligence.  I like those answers or definitions.  These are solid tangible definitions we can grab a hold of.   We can define knowledge, information and intelligence.  Knowing is information we have intelligently collected from the Lord.   I like that!  I need intelligent knowledge from the Lord and I know you do too!

Here is another example of the difference between knowing and feeling.  You are going for a walk outside and you, “feel,” something isn’t quite right.   You turn around and there is no one behind you.  However, you still don’t feel quite right and so you hurry up and walk faster to get home sooner.  You complete your walk and you are just fine and nothing happened.  You go home and tell your spouse what happened and that you thought something bad was going to happen.  He reminds you that last week you watched a news story where a walker was attacked.  You then allowed your feelings about that story and your imagination to run wild.  You allowed what you thought that you, “felt,” get in the way of what you, “know,” and what you know here was there was no one behind you.   In this case something you felt didn’t happen.

We want to make sure we clarify what we know and what we feel, because what we know and what we feel will not only affect ourselves but others.  We want to make sure if we are stating a story, giving a prophetic word, delivering a piece of discernment to another person that we will also know what is fact (knowing) or flesh (feeling).  Now I am not saying everything we feel is flesh.  I am saying we need to know the difference so that we protect ourselves and others in decisions and revelations.

Remember, when attempting to discern an answer, the devil is a liar.  The Bible says, “He is the father of lies.”  Therefore, when we are learning about our Flesh, satan or God, and who we are hearing from (see my book written on this topic) we need to realize that the devil is a liar and whether in our prayer time, walking around the house or discerning our feelings he can come in and lie to us.  Know that he desires to counterfeit everything God wants to do in your life.  He is the master deceiver.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to make sure we know instead of feel.  The devil would love for us to run on our feelings.  However, our feelings are our soul and we are to operate in the spirit.  In Galatians 5:16 it says, “Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.”  When we walk in the Spirit we will not feel, we will know.  That should be our aim, to be led by the Spirit of God.  Therefore, as you go forth be led, walk, be still, be assured that you will hear from God, because after all He desires and loves His children who diligently seek His voice.


~ by Kathy DeGraw on July 11, 2016.

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