Choose Peace

When all else fails choose peace.  When people choose to argue; choose peace.  When people want a response that will feed their bitterness choose silence.  Yes, silence.  People fault for silence, but silence can be a choice for peace.  People in the world today are filled with bitterness, resentment, deep hurts, emotional wounds and are damaged from their childhood.  They choose to live in control, anger, rage, and have to make their feelings known over and over again without producing anything that ends in Godly results and edification for the body of Christ.

People often fault those of us who choose to remain silent in a highly confrontational situation.  According to the Bible we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities.  We need to separate the person, we love, from the principality, we dislike.  When a person is engulfed in rage, when we are being falsely accused we are forced to make a choice.  We choose whether to respond with silence to keep any peace we can or we choose to argue back and create a more intense situation.

What do you choose?  What have you been taught to choose?  What choices do you make?  We have a great instructor in the Bible and His name is Jesus Christ.  In Isaiah 53:7 “He was oppressed and He was afflicted, Yet He opened not His mouth; He was led as a lamb to the slaughter, And as a sheep before its shearers is silent, So He opened not His mouth.”  Jesus Christ was a perfect example of opening not His mouth in His defense.  When we really think about it does it profit for us to open our mouth when we are in a confrontation with a person with a spirit of offense, control and pride?  Is our saying anything going to prove anything or get them to back down from the feelings and spirits that are arising within them?

We should not always be silent, but there are times we should.  We are to be peacemakers, not doormats.  What I am saying is we need to choose when to be silent and when to be confrontational.  We can’t have fear of confrontation.  There is a time to confront, in boldness and love.  If the person is not in a receiving position we need to choose when to close the conversation down.  When to say, “I am done!”  We don’t need to allow a person to cause us to sin.  By us going on and on we are opening a door to sin.  We start speaking things that are contrary to our nature.  This causes our reptilian part of our brain to react in conversation, instead of allowing our fore brain to take over or for us Christians, the reptilian part of our brain takes over and prevents us from walking in the Spirit.

Silence and walking in the Spirit can also be used when we are having a normal or casual conversation with a person.  Perhaps we don’t agree with what they are saying or perhaps we need time to process and digest the information they are saying; maybe we are being convicted or maybe we disagree.  In these cases and others often it is best to withhold what we want to say until we have time to properly discern, pray and say what the Spirit of the Lord guides us to say.

There are many different ways we can choose peace.  Silence is not always cowardly or backing off, it is not a sign of insecurity when exhibited upon a believer who is choosing to walk in wisdom instead of strife.  Silence can be golden.  Silence can be the thing to do when someone on the other end won’t change, won’t hear you or won’t back down.  We choose peace, I choose peace and sometimes silence is the thing we need to choose.

Going forward in life, make a choice.  Ask the Holy Spirit is this the time to talk or is this the time to listen.  Men will give account of every idle word spoken.  We will give account of all unproductive, unfruitful words we speak out.  When we speak these words harshly they open a door in our life to sin, for the enemy to attack us.  We must get these things under control as soon as possible.  We must be eager to close the door to any enemy foothold in our life and most times those footholds come through our mouth opening.

People can’t make us talk.  We choose to talk and we choose to speak.  We can also choose to be silent.  We can choose.  We can have the confidence in ourselves to choose, to choose peace, to choose silence, to choose to not talk until we have something to talk about.

We have a choice, what choice will you make without allowing intimidation to make the choice for you?


~ by Kathy DeGraw on July 18, 2016.

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