Are we racist in the way we cast our ballots?

Six years ago our country elected the first African American president.  It was a significant point in history, but I wonder if we as Americans were racist in the way we casted our vote.  Racism is still evident in America.  I just heard a story about a Caucasian couple who adopted children from the Congo.  During a trip to Chicago, a bystander hollered out at the couple, “Oh, I see you got some free slave labor.”  I couldn’t believe, but yet I could, that someone would shout such a statement. All racism may not be as evident as that one encounter, but in light of the attacks on African American men and the Charleston church shooting, it is proof racism still exists.

What about racism in the way we cast our ballot?  I am not simply talking about Caucasians being racist against African Americans, but African Americans being racist against Caucasians.  After all what should make skin color, heritage or race a reason for who we vote or don’t vote for?  Yes, making history and electing the first African American president is exciting for people who used to be bound in slavery, but is that a reason to cast or not cast a vote.

What happened to discovering what the candidate stood for instead of voting based on race?  I, having a corporation, to take a stand against racism and assist in ending the racial divide know some Christians who voted in the last election, voted based on race.  Now those same Christians are regretting their decision as they see congress allowing same sex marriage, Obamacare and other decisions that were made that are contrary to Christian values.

I believe Christians compromised their beliefs in the last election because they wanted the first African American president to be elected.  What about Christians who didn’t compromise their beliefs, but voted for a white president because there was no way they would see a black man in office.  Yes, racism goes both ways.  I am not picking on either group, but both groups.  We voted in the election based on skin color and now we wonder why we have laws that are contrary to our beliefs and more racist issues coming into the light.

Why is this important?  With presidential candidates now lining up to see who will run for president we once again have the opportunity to vote for the wrong reasons.  We have a woman running for president.  Will that get the same results as the first African American man, voting for a woman, just because she is a woman, contrary to what she believes?  How many woman’s rights activists will be voting whether or not their believe in her?

With another African American male running for candidacy we get another chance to be racist against both African American and Caucasians.  With police officers being in the news with shooting African Americans there is certainly a group of people who will by no means vote to elect a Caucasian president.  With Caucasians being hurt by African Americans in civil law suits and other issues how they can possibly trust one in office.

When are we going to stop going back and forth on a black and white issue and vote for Godly leaders who will sustain us through economic hard times that are predicted to come forth?  When are we going to stand by the complete authoritative word of God and stand for our religious convictions we once did instead of the color of skin?  When are we going to take a step back and evaluate the candidate and pray to seek the Holy Spirit for which one He desires to be in office?

With the mistakes we have made in the past I believe it’s time to look at our current condition before we continue in the same pattern and make mistakes in the future.  It’s time we put gender aside, skin color aside, differences aside and vote for the Godly people who can get our country out of this downslide we are in and stand for the values and foundation we were given by our forefathers.

Before you vote again and elect someone for the wrong reasons, do the right thing and pray, examine the character of the contenders and seek your Heavenly Father through prayer.  We have a responsibility to put aside our differences, our opinions and vote responsibly.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on August 9, 2016.

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