PROPHETIC WORD – Stagnancy go; activation come forth!

Why do you sit around idle? Do you not know I have a plan for you, a deep and real plan? Yes, I have plans and purposes for your life. I am not interested in stagnancy, but growth and activation for My Kingdom. I am not interested in yard sales, (a parallel to your life being full of junk). I am interested in treasuries and storehouses full of good and perfect things. My ways are perfect for you. I have plans and I have interests for you. Yes, interests for My Kingdom. I desire to give you a renewed hope, life, abundance, everlasting covenant with Me. I need activation; we are in an hour of activation. I need you to activate your faith, your perseverance. Yes, I need you for such a time as this. I need you to be able to endure, to take a step of faith and hang in there in the long run. I need you. My Kingdom is coming, My Kingdom is manifesting and My Kingdom is here. Can you please get active? Activate YOUR faith! Don’t wait for someone else to do it! I need you! Hope is not disappearing, hope is arriving. Are you filled with hope? Do you have what it takes to exude hope? I am not interested in people being stagnant. I have a Kingdom that needs to be built and manifested here on earth. I need the worshipers to arise and plow the way. I need the intercessors to pray and war for what is coming. I am getting ready to release and I need you in my army, my army of deliverance for my people. Do you hear the sound coming? It is a sound of the workers bringing in the harvest? It is the sound of the worshipers arising. It is the sound of my people working for Kingdom advancement. I hear the sound; I hear the sound in the spiritual atmosphere. Get busy, get active and release the sound that I hear coming. Release and connect the spiritual to the natural. Get out of stagnancy, and get busy for My Kingdom.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on August 11, 2016.

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