Helmet of Deliverance

The Lord’s word says to, “Put on the helmet of salvation.”  Salvation means deliverance; therefore look at it this way. “Put on the helmet of deliverance.”  Why does His word tell us to put on deliverance, and above all on our head, over our mind?  Our Father knew our struggles would be in our mind. Most lies, deception and demons are rooted in a seducing mind binding spirit that gets your thoughts focused in the wrong direction; in an unhealthy and unproductive thought pattern.  Our Father created us and knows us intricately.  He is also familiar with the devil and his schemes and tactics.  Therefore, He (the Holy Spirit) inspired the writers of the Bible to discuss the helmet of deliverance.

You see we have an action.  We have something to do.  We have to put on our helmet of deliverance.  He has already given us the helmet of deliverance, but we have to put it on to guard our minds and thoughts to be focused on Christ Jesus.  We need to put on our helmet of deliverance, so that our mind can be bound to Christ’s mind and His way of thinking.  We need to pause and think as Christ would think, not as our flesh would want to rise up or as the enemy would trap us into thinking.  We need to walk throughout life knowing that strong helmet is over our mind, covered and secured.

The enemy canonly penetrate our thoughts as far as we allow Him to.  We need to get strong like that armor, tough. Picture the fiery darts attacking our shield of faith and our breast plate of righteousness.  The first place those darts come in is into our heads, our minds.  It is then what is released in our minds that effects our shield of faith and breast place of righteousness.  We need to remove the obstacles and hindrances of our minds through prayer, by taking each thought captive and by reading the word of God.  God told me once, “Kathy, if your mind is so full of my scriptures there will be no room for the negative fearful thoughts.”  God has given us the plan of action.  It is in His word.  Get in His word, the Bible and fill yourself with good thoughts, with the thoughts and promises of God.  Get so full in His word there isn’t room for anything else.

We can get so focused on how to receive our deliverance that we don’t focus on receiving what Jesus Christ did at the cross,in the entirety in every aspect.  If we focused on that receiving our deliverance would be a byproduct of receiving the cross.  So today, my dear friends, look at the helmet of salvation differently, it is not a helmet of salvation of reassurance you will enter the pearly gates one day, it is the helmet of your DELIVERANCE!  He already paid the price.  Put your helmet on tight.  Guard your thoughts.  Receive what He has done and receive your deliverance supernaturally today!

~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 3, 2016.

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