How to Live Biblically in Peace, Not Stress

Four Keys to Minimizing the Stress in your Life!

Did you know that the word stress is not mentioned even one time in the Bible?

The Bible mentions in many places to, “Go in peace-not stress, but peace.  Webster’s definition of stress is a strain or force exerted upon a body, mental or emotional tension, or strain characterized by feelings of anxiety or fear.  It further defines it as to put stress, pressure, or strain on; being tired or nervous.

One of the ways we get stressed is that our bodies get physically tired.  Our bodies have been designed to withstand a certain amount of physical and emotional activity, and when they get overloaded, they get tired.  They get tired from working, driving long distances, volunteering at a retreat, going on a mission trip or chaperoning a field trip. They get tired after we have spent the weekend painting the house and making home improvements.  Our body needs time to rest and recuperate from its activities.

Most of the time your stress affects more than just you and can impact the life of your family and even another person’s family.  How you may ask?  When you are stressed, you have a tendency to take it out on other people and other situations.  When you come home from work and have had a rough day, you could be a little short on patience, and you might yell at someone who didn’t deserve it.  Perhaps you yelled at a friend or a relative, and now they are in a bad mood.  In turn, it affects their family.  We need to learn how to handle our stress so that we don’t inflict it on someone else.

If you are still finding that you need some extra rest, I suggest presenting yourself before the Lord and entering a place of rest with Him.  Resting is simply finding the time that works best for you and simply being still and knowing that He is God (Ps. 46:10).  Be still, listen, worship through music, pray and spend some time in solitude, in the quiet, focusing on God.  We live in a fast-paced world, never having enough time in the day.  God gave us 24 hours in a day for a reason! What you do with your 24 hours is going to determine your stress level!

Elijah got stressed, weary and tired.  God provided nourishment to Elijah, and He provides nourishment to us.  We need to be eating fruits, vegetables and whole grains, the natural foods that God gives us.  Eating these healthy foods will help eliminate stress.  When you are stressed, there are foods that contain a nutrient that is a feel-good brain chemical.  Some of these foods include turkey, whole grains, beans, vegetables, yogurt, milk and cottage cheese.  Foods that are crunchy and chewy can also assist in stress relief, such as apples and carrots.  Seek healthy food for the crunch factor, not potato chips.  Foods we want to stay away from are black tea, chocolate, coffee and soda.  These all contain caffeine and stimulants which can make stress symptoms worse.

God also created night so that we can sleep.  Sleep is the body’s down time.  Our body needs to take a break, and this is accomplished through sleep.  Sleep improves our body’s immune system and lowers cortisol levels, which is a stress hormone.  Our bodies need to be refreshed and renewed, and our mind needs down time.  Going all day long puts physical and emotional stress on our body.

Elijah also had to walk a distance.  Walking relieves stress.  You can turn on the treadmill or go outside for a prayer walk.  Doctors encourage walking as a means of preventing medical ailments.

God allowed Elijah to verbalize his frustrations.  He communicated to God through prayer.  We should to go to the throne instead of the phone when we need to talk out our feelings.  After you have gone to God in prayer, then seek a friend if necessary.  Make sure that trusted friend is a friend who will pray with you and not make your situation worse and stir your emotions up further.  During stressful times, remember that you always have a friend in God, and He will build you up.

By eating right, exercising, taking hold of our thoughts and not worrying, we can control the amount of stress that attacks us.

Don’t allow stress to penetrate your defense system!  You are a chosen, beloved child of the Most High King!  You are bought and paid for with the blood of Christ!  Allow those thoughts to consume your thinking, and say No to stress!


~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 7, 2016.

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