Something cranks me up and ignites me when I get in front of a State Capitol.  I was never someone who passionately prayed for our country or government leaders or system.  But as I have traveled the past 2 years from capitol to capitol praying for the president, leaders, states, regions and other things pertaining to the government; there has been a fire ignited inside of me, a prayer fire.  I love to go to a capitol and walk about the front of the building, kneel on the steps in prayer and cut loose in whatever the Spirit of the Lord wants released and deposited.

I get excited.  I jump up and down.  I ignite.  I pray leaders may walk by and one time Governor Snyder of Michigan was within 15 feet of us as we prayed.  I get ignited that people will gather in prayer and care enough about our government.

We spend hundreds of dollars, sometimes well over a thousand dollars to hit those capitol lawns and pray for our leaders, for their strength, determination, leadership and protection.  We pray whether we are for or against their rulings and beliefs.  We simply pray according to what the Spirit of the Lord wants prayed.

We have made 2 trips to the capitol in less than a year, simply to pray, to intercede for our president, nation, country and that we would be a nation led by God.  These two trips have been filled with inclement weather.  One trip very cold in a season it should not have been.  The streets were empty and we were not properly dressed.  However, we went in faith and as we did the Holy Spirit sustained us through freezing temperatures and windy conditions.  Our skin was red through our clothing due to how cold it was.  The second time we went was a combination of high heat indexes with sweat rolling off of us to rain, thunder and lightning.  We continued to pray, outside, amidst the adverse weather conditions because we were on assignment from the Lord.

What are you doing to pray for your country?  What lengths are you willing to go?  We have endured rain and prayed in downpours.  We have been in brittle temperatures with winds whipping at your face and your fingers feeling numb?  Why?  All for what Jesus paid for us.  All for the sake of our leaders, country and for you the people of this nation.  We endured all to be obedient to the One who paid it all.

We endured and prayed in the name of love.  We pray, we go to the capitol and we endure to be love to you the people of this country.  We pray and we take action so Godly leaders can come forth and so you can have a country to live in that you are proud of.  We pray and we go, so we can all have better lives when Godly leaders are elected.  We go because we need to put our faith in action.

We would go to the ends of the earth to pray for our country and to be obedient to the Lord.  You may not be able to travel and go to the Capitol and pray, but you can pray from your home or vehicle.  You can pray in your secret place time.  You can pray in the name of love for the people around America that need to see this land change.  It’s time we get on our knees and pray.

~ by Kathy DeGraw on November 17, 2016.

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