No Shame for Those in CHRIST!

I recently was talking to a person who carries no shame.  No shame!!! Imagine that?  Carrying no shame for your past, for the mistakes you’ve made.  When we know we are IN Christ, we know His blood and His love covers a multitude of sins, (1 Pet. 4:8).

Shame, a burden Christians carry, unnecessarily.  Shame is defined by Webster’s as; a feeling of guilt, regret, embarrassment, or sadness that you have because you know you have done something wrong.  Shame is apparent on the faces of people who carry it, sometimes by hanging your head down low, not wanting to discuss a mistake of the past, or the constant reminder of physical scars.  Shame left unhealed eats away at our soul and our identity in Christ.  It robs us of our future destiny in Christ and the empowerment we have through Him.

Shame buries our secrets deep within ourselves and doesn’t allow us to use them as a testimony (Rev. 12:11) to bring forth healing to others.   When we are open to discuss our past failures that is what allows people to release the shame and condemnation they feel upon themselves and truly walk into a place of healing, restoration and wholeness.

God desires us to live in His fullness, and when restoration occurs (when something is brought back to us in its original condition that was stolen or taken), then we can manifest the fullness of God within us as He intended.  In order for restoration to come we must put away shame, by first of all forgiving ourselves and others who may have put that shame upon us.

Your life is a testimony; it is not a shameful happening.  You were created in Him and for Him, for His pleasure.  It was not meant to be a shameful testimony.

This person I know who has no shame is accepting of what has happened to her.  She made a choice to not take on shame or release any shame she had and you can too.  She got pregnant before marriage and she gave her baby up for adoption.  She searched around, chose the parents and made sure that child had the best life He could have.  Now when she looks down at her stretch marks on her belly and the pregnancy weight she never lost, instead of feeling defeated, she feels victorious.  She feels these are marks and fat of love that she gave up her child, instead of aborting it.  Her life, the physical scars, marks, imperfections is a testimony.

The lady used to have a colorful, vulgar language.  Some people feel shamed for this, but not her, she never knew the difference.  It was part of her life, her every day vocabulary?  The language may not be perfect, but when brought up with it, people never knew there was anything wrong with it, until they became in Christ.  Instead of taking in shame and feeling guilt, she allowed the Holy Spirit to convict herand supernaturally delivered her of such speech.  He can do the same for you.

With tattoos over her body there is no shame.  The tattoos are a life testimony.  There is no shame in being expressive.  She doesn’t regret or condemn herself.  She knows who she is in Christ.  The marks on her body don’t define her; Christ does and continues to do so.

She realizes she made choices and mistakes, but she doesn’t live in the past, but in her new identity in Christ and so can you.  Body marks, words coming from her mouth, and mistakes are all part of her testimony.  Things we do, and what we say, yes they are part of our Christian walk, but on her way to becoming more like Jesus, she didn’t take these items in as bondages and allow them to defeat her.  She kept her eyes focused on God and His promises to her and as a result has walked through these things in victory.

When we are in Christ we know that He defines us.  He forgives us.  He loves us.  To hold onto the old consequences of our actions, grudges and unforgiveness only holds us back from experiencing the manifestation of the Kingdom within us.

The Bible says, “There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit,” (Rom. 8:1).  There was a time we walked in the flesh.  We did things that weren’t according to the word of God and we made many mistakes.  However, keeping ourselves locked in the past will only keep us in bondage to the past.  We must forgive ourselves and purpose to walk in the Spirit, according to the word of God.  The Bible is an instruction book from God and when we walk in the Spirit and in His instructions there is no shame.

Consider the areas of shame in your life today that you are still remorseful of or regret.  Won’t you consider laying them down at the foot of the cross?  Christ took them to the cross to forgive all your iniquities.  Allow Christ to truly have them and walk in the fullness, freedom and victory He purchased for you!



~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 19, 2016.

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