In awe of God!

I can’t leave my secret place this morning.  I am so in awe of what the Lord did yesterday.  I am moved, greatly moved.  I am simply amazed at His goodness, and I don’t ever want Him to stop amazing me.  You see, yesterday was my birthday, and I spent the day giving away gifts to others.  It was not the first time I gave away gifts.  In fact, for the past few years, I’ve been going to the mall and giving random strangers dollar size gifts wrapped up in birthday paper and surprising people at random.

However, this year led by the Spirit of God, I threw a birthday party for the less fortunate in my community.  Yes, it did have some dollar store gifts people could use as to fill their children’s Christmas stockings, but it had presents, lots, and lots of presents parents who were in need could give their children.  I even had some household items the parents may need themselves!

It was a party I will long remember!  It was a party I will try to out do next year!  I had a blast, and the blessing was truly mine!

It was interesting meeting the people in need and hearing their stories.  One of the stories I believe we don’t hear enough is that a lot of people who are in need, low income, or physically without is that they are special need parents.  The enemy has dealt them a hard blow.  Jesus comes to give life and give it in abundance, but the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).  In these mother’s wombs, the thief came with sickness and disease and these children were born with down syndrome, autism, among other ailments and mental diagnosis’.  The reason some of these parents are in a poverty income is because they are being the best parents they can be by taking care of their special child.

So often we are quick to judge someone’s condition.  We don’t know their abuse, suffering, trauma, depression, divorce, abandonment, unfair imprisonment or our government not taking care of our military families.  Each and every family has a story, but more so, each and every family deserves love and Christmas.

I’m in awe of God this morning.  How He used me to bless others.  My simple prayer of declaration has been, Lord bless me so I can bless others.  God fulfills His word all and every time.  It was the Spirit of the Lord who led me to pray such a simple prayer in my secret place time.

I am grateful, forever grateful that God has given to me so I can give to others.  I am not a wealthy person, we have struggled ourselves.  I don’t have an abundance to give from, but what I do have is His.  He gave it to me, to begin with, and He can tell me what to do with it.  There used to be a day I held tight to God’s money.  I’ve learned to trust God with my possessions and income and that when I do, I cannot possibly out give God.

I will never know this side of heaven the lives this birthday give away saved.  The parents who felt hopeless, helpless, were suicidal, depressed or didn’t know how to make Christmas happen.  I will never know this side of heaven how many people observed, heard about it and it called them to action.  I will never know this side of heaven the effect this had on people.  It’s all I do know, and all that matters is that I did it all for the glorification of Jesus’ name.  So that His name and love would be known to all…the observers, the servers, and the receivers.

What Kingdom impact will you make to make known the name of Jesus?

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 22, 2016.

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