Lying to a Prophet Exposes the Truth

The anointing exposes lies and the anointing brings conviction which causes people to be uncomfortable and release lies in their condemnation.  I am deeply pondering this morning after recently being lied to by a couple of different people I came in contact with.  I am amazed (not really) that the enemy hasn’t realized that when he infiltrates a person to sin that he doesn’t realize a prophet of God will expose it and use it for Kingdom advancement.

You cannot lie to a prophet.  Well you can, but when you do you have just been exposed.  You see true prophets of God, I am not talking prophetic people, but those walking in the office of prophet spend hours a day in the presence of God, in the word of God and in worship.  They know and take on the character of God.  Therefore, when sin comes lurking, it is exposed.

Why lie anyways?  What is the profitability?  Because, shame and self-condemnation have set in a lie is justified in the beholders eye and pride cannot admit, “I made a mistake.”

I’ve always disliked lies.  You can’t trust a person after they have lied to cover up something.  But, the lies always get exposed.  Whether you realize it or not the prophet knows they have just been lied to, that pride set in, or that you are trying to cover the truth.  What most people who are in position of lying don’t know is that prophets are well defined.  God has taught them to close their mouths and therefore, the lie they know isn’t always exposed to them.  However, that lie simply stinks!

Yes, you can smell evil, sometimes it is wrapped in an ugly package of sulfur that you can literally smell and sometimes you can sense or feel evil lurking because the sin took place.  It is a confirmation to the prophet that their discernment is accurate since the Spirit of God uses all of our senses to discern.  Even though you don’t always physically see darkness in the air you can feel and sense it in the atmosphere.

What people don’t realize is that very prophet is sent to root out the lies and darkness in their lives.  So, instead of co-laboring with the Spirit of God within the prophet, their shame, guilt, condemnation and regret create darkness, sin and stench!  I hate stench!  It contaminates the atmosphere, relationship and then warfare prayer has to be done to put things back in order.

As I ponder deeply, the Holy Spirit gives me revelation into these situations.  Will I confront these people and situations?  If the Lord calls me to be a Watchman and release the information.  Otherwise, I will do what He calls me to do, take their darkness and turn it into the light and freedom for another person, so that out of their sin, someone may be convicted  to bring forth the change in their life that another person does not desire to bring forth.  What will you do with information the Spirit of God brings to you?

~ by Kathy DeGraw on December 30, 2016.

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