Strip Your Flesh

Prophetic Release – It’s a flesh stripping season ~
God the Father is calling people back to His Son, Jesus

Prophetically I am seeing and hearing that our Father is in a season of flesh stripping with His people. The Father (God) wants to bring us back to His Son, Jesus. God is calling His people to put aside their differences, selfish ambitions, wrong motives and desires and satisfying the flesh to come in a deeper more meaningful relationship with Him.

We have gone astray as the body of Christ putting social media, computer addictions and meaningless internet surfing above our relationship with Christ. We have set before ourselves a computer/phone addiction and have idolized the approval of men through social media likes and followers above seeking Jesus in the secret place. We have infiltrated our once private secret place time with our phone ringing and text notifications. The place where we once found solace is now filled with distraction as we attempt to enter into the throne room and wonder why we aren’t hearing from the Father when our attention wasn’t on Him fully in the first place.

God is calling us to lay aside our other lovers for the love of Jesus Christ to infiltrate us. Our priorities have come out of alignment. We have added to our once analytical minds with the wondering thoughts of what we absorbed in social media and internet surfing. Our minds lag in the news and get distracted by what happened instead of taking that information as a call to intercession.

What was once our uninterrupted secret place time has now been infiltrated with what we just read on a newsfeed line before our prayer time. It leaves our thoughts back on what happened instead of focusing forward on what we should be interceding for and trying to connect spirit to Spirit to the living God.

I hear stories around the U.S. right now of people saying they’re in a hard flesh stripping or they want to quit the ministry. The fact is the hard they have encountered is what they inflicted themselves, seeking approval in man and acceptance by constantly seeing how many people liked their post instead of knowing who they are in Christ. If our minds were so full of the Word of God, we would know our acceptance and identity comes from Him and would never need to seek the approval of man because we would know we have the applause of heaven!

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~ by Kathy DeGraw on August 14, 2017.

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